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... So, I've been on Adderall for about six weeks. It's a whole new life, mitigated only by my sadness and anger that no one who has treated me for mental health problems in the past ten years even noticed the ADD. ... (2 replies)
... upping the dosage is just going to make it worse. it does have some antidepressant properties, but only when you pair it with something else. adderall used to make me moody and depressed, too, especially when it would wear off. great for concentration, bad for emotion. ... (5 replies)
... I was on meds when I was younger. I am currently using an alternative treatment plan wich is working much better than meds did, and is a lot safer. If you havent looked into alternative treatments please give them a try. As for comparing the meds 10mg XR to start is a good starting dose. It may end up being about 20mg XR daily. The differences I'd say are this: Adderall... (11 replies)

... though they were tears I didn't allow him to see. Then some sadness crept in. But I can deal with that I think. ... (9 replies)
... though they were tears I didn't allow him to see. Then some sadness crept in. But I can deal with that I think. ... (9 replies)
... Started on 10mg Adderall xr and he felt sad, like he wanted to cry, but didn't know why. ... (5 replies)
... I just started taking it and feel worse. Confusion, anxiety, even tired during the day?, my upper back hurts, sadness (almost crying)!?!? I'm seeing my doctor again in 2 days. I'm discontinuing it. I feel like a crazy person. I've just been diagnosed with ADD at 38 years old and it took me years to finally seek help! I just pray there is something out there that can... (37 replies)
... I'm glad you took him off the adderall if that's the symptoms you were getting. That's what happened to my dd and I took her off it after 2 days. It was bad! ... (5 replies)
... induced symptoms are sadness and behavioral deterioration, irritability, withdrawal, lethargy, violent behavior, withdrawal, mild mania, dysphoria and sadness. ... (30 replies)
Dual Diagnosis
Jul 18, 2015
... I have a dual diagnosis of narcolepsy and ADD. And yes, my productivity is terrible and I am currently living way below my potential which makes me want to cry (and I am tired of being broke). I eat very well and have found that supplements do help, but like a good little ADD'er, it is a struggle to even get them organized to take (there are a lot of them!). Since my... (0 replies)
... Sadness or depression is a withdrawal symptom of stimulants. Withdrawal symptoms can occur while on medication if tolerance has developed. Tolerance is a tricky beast; some people can go years without developing it and suddenly one day it just happens; others seem to become tolerant much quicker. Tolerance is a component of addiction, but only in the physical sense, not... (7 replies)
... Dr. Peter Breggin, for example, always quotes research in his writings. Research for/against can be quoted till doomsday because there is always some on both sides. Needless to say, however, the majority of research (not all but most) is paid for by drug companies. I came across an internet application for research grants from Eli Lilly and I thought it was interesting how... (149 replies)
... cine it made me even worse lol. And when the ritalin started wearing off I felt like total crap. I was diagnosed with ADD a little over 3 yrs ago and Im now on Adderall XR. I think it really helps. Just talk to your doctor and try different medicines til you find the one that works for you. Goodluck. ... (5 replies)
... Im feeling kinda fog headed and have bouts of sadness. im seeing my doc on Wed and goin to ask him what steps i should take next. I can't take Adderall because im hypothyroid so just waiting to see what is next. ... (8 replies)
... Haven't been to this forum in awhile, can't believe this thread is still around. So help, you don't believe any money-motivation is involved in research or drugs that affect the mind? Why the big sell then? Ads for ADD drug run amuck in magazines and the T.V. guide. Since most people who don't live in caves have heard of ADD, I would think there would be no need to "sell" with... (170 replies)

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