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... Yes I agree! Also, another problem not considered when talking about "controlled prescription" ampetamines is the physical addiction, aka dependancy, because the focus in the medical community concerning addiction is basically on the psychological or euphora seeking addiction behaviors(compulsion and abuse). They just don't care about physical dependancy, tolerance, nor... (9 replies)
... Beach4me, A fourth possibility is to try a lower dose of Adderall. Several of us get a fatigue-like effect if we take too much Adderall. I think it is a state of over-focus or pseudo-focus. Tolerance to the medication is certainly possible too. However, if your son's fatigue-like state can be directly attributed to the Adderall, try less and see what happens. Lowering... (4 replies)
... I did try Adderall and Adderall XR with some benefit, but then I built tolerance and was losing benefit. ... (18 replies)

... I have tried both concerta and adderall. Concerta did absolutely nothing, while Adderall worked like a charm. If you are worried about sleep, don't take it within 4 hours or so of going to bed. ... (5 replies)
... Also, if heart problems run in your family, you should avoid stimulant meds. The Adderall deaths in Canada were strongly associated with congenital heart defects. ... (21 replies)
... ADHD have nothing to do with feeling high. i also have to admit that when i first started Adderall three weeks ago for my ADHD, i felt slightly euphoric for a couple of days. ... (13 replies)
... is always a possibilty down the road. Tolerance, as I read it explained once, is the brain's "self defense" against a chemical trying to run it. Tolerance will cause the brain to build up opposing receptors to nullify the drugs' effect. This leaves the brain with imbalances of receptors. ... (12 replies)
... Try taking regular adderall twice a day, instead of xr once a day. It might take a few tries to get the dosage right for you. ... (4 replies)
... I am a 43 year old female and have suffered with A.D.D as far back as i can remember. My tolerance is high even on high doses of adderall symptoms persist. ... (9 replies)
... if you've never read any of my post, i take adderall daily. no more than 40mg a day. i think ive built a tolerance cause now when i take 20mg in the morning, if i dont drink coffee i still feel tired and not wanting to be productive. anyways, thats not my point... ... (29 replies)
... I take adderall 20mg 2 times a day, and it really differs with everyone on how long it takes to work. ... (11 replies)
... t the tolerance. He upped my dosage. The only way I could really explain the situation to him was to say projects that I get at work seem more difficult when the adderall is working they dont seem difficult at all. ... (21 replies)
... Then there are the people who develop tolerance to their prescribed doses, can't get more so they go to the streets to get more, etc. ... (9 replies)
... NO NO NO! Switch doctors. Do not just keep increasing your dosage! Dexedrine (Adderall) is a HIGHLY addictive amphetamine. When it stops working, stop taking it altogether for a week. Do some excercise. Give your body a break, then try it again at a LOWER dose. You'll be very surprised. (21 replies)
Out of Control
Aug 14, 2004
... By the way, increasing the dosage is a temporary solution as tolerance can build up again. ... (26 replies)
... maybe taking yourself off on the weekends and just plain abandoning it if you find the tolerance issues kicking in again. ... (5 replies)
... Adderall is a member of the amphetamine family. This is very common, if not always common. Eventually increasing the patients dosage with time due to tolerance buildup is normal. Your brain's neurotransmitters become accustom to the supply it's given and arranges itself to that degree. ... (3 replies)
... Been there done that. Or rather our daughter has. She was on Adderall when she was first diagnosed with ADD three years ago. The adderall helped at first but then it got to the point it was like she was taking a sugar pill. She was then put on 18 mg a day of concerta and did great for about a year. ... (4 replies)
... Unfortunately I seem to have developed a tolerance to the dextroamphetamine and am starting to slip back into dysthymia. ... (19 replies)
... mg of Adderall XR. ... (18 replies)

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