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... needing a dosage increase in both the Adderall and Paxil. ... (5 replies)
... the Adderall definitely takes the cake for weight loss. My experience was that I just didn't want anything to eat and so I didn't really eat much til p.m. ... (11 replies)
... nth later my doctor upped me to 50mg once a day. It was super effective at that dosage. I was on it since Sept until about two weeks ago. I had to go back on the adderall xr. ... (37 replies)

... and switched my Concerta to Adderall XR 20 or 40 mg, depending on if I felt first dose working at all. Which I didn't. So I tried 40 mg. ... (2 replies)
... When I first started, I felt similar issues. It took about a month of gradual migration to 30 mg and then all side effects tapered off. After six months now on it, I can honestly saw it made a big difference in my ability to maintain focus. I take 30 mg Adderall XR each morning. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, my nephew had alot of stomach aches while on Adderall. His mother didn't know that was a side effect and accused him of faking it for attention. I brought it to her attention that stomach aches were indeed a side effect and he was not faking anything. ... (12 replies)
... it didn't seem to work so the doctor upp'ed it to 72mg. That still didn't work either. Now, the doctor has prescribed him Adderall 30 mg. ... (2 replies)
... to get that. i exercise on adderall xr and vyvanse...and they give me more of an edge and endurance while exercising. ... (4 replies)
... A friend told me her daughter is taking Dextroamph and the side effects are minimal for her. I'm looking into alternatives for my son to help him make the decision to begin taking meds again. ... (1 replies)
... My son is 16, in 10th grade and has been on Adderall since the 4th grade where we had really good results right away on his ability to attend and participate in class. He is now on allerall xr 30 mg. ... (1 replies)
... Hey Kawaiiigal. Let's see what I can reply to and what I can't. First off, I just started taking Adderall for ADD. It's amazing. I actually feel calm. I probably feel much like you did when you started. I was prescribed 10mg 2x a day. ... (13 replies)
... I heard a doctor mention on T.V. that side effects can be culmative, or appear years after taking the same drug...of course, escalating dosages increase the chances of side effects. ... (13 replies)
... ll get to the point because none of that really matters! I've never posted on any message boards before so I'm not really sure how to do this lol. I began taking adderall mid January, and I started off on 5mg XR. Since then, I've gone back to see my doctor every 2. ... (7 replies)
... :wave: I was on Adderall XR 30 and had the same problem (as did my 8 year old stepson) started taking a 10 mg XR @ 2:00pm and it helped alot. I switched to Ritalin LA because I was having some side effects with Adderall, and now am on Ritalin LA 30 and Rit LA 20mg at 2:00pm. I definately need the second one or I am zoned out for the rest of the day! m2ej (23 replies)
... was started on 10mg of 6 hour dose Adderall. It seemed to work amazingly. My fidgeting decreased I Was able to hold a thought, focus, etc. Then I noticed the effects starting to not work as well. So then the doc increased my dose to 20mg of 6hr. Better...started to work again. ... (13 replies)
... Any other general Adderall advice? ... (3 replies)
... I have been on adderall for a long time. I take 30 mg daily of the adderall xr. It helps with my ADHD. Recently my doctor put me on zoloft 25 mg to combat my migraines that she thinks are caused from stress and anxiety. I am wondering what side effects these drugs have while taking them together. ... (1 replies)
... everyone responds very differently to medications, and you should talk to your doctor for sure. As you'll see on the side effects label on any medication, there are millions of people who have totally unpredicatable responses. ... (18 replies)
Stratera thoughts
Jul 19, 2004
... as really messing me up mentally. I think I was slowly drifting into a depression before I realized what was going on and got off of the Stratera. I then tried Adderall XR, up to a dose of 30 mg. The Adderall XR had a decent effect at first. Then after a while, I didn't notice anything, good or bad. ... (38 replies)
... These side effects range from high blood pressure to weight loss to insomnia. ... (21 replies)

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