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... or not running for 30 minutes after taking it. My daughter is not on Adderall right now and I'm kind of glad she isn't. ... (29 replies)
... p.s. i was on lots of ssris too and they didn't help. right now i am on welbutrin with my adderall and i am finding it helps. ... (1 replies)
... speed pace of college these days and also sees the potential of extra money to boot by giving other college kids the opportunity to also use Adderall as a study aid. ... (8 replies)

... I take the same prescribed dosage of adderall that you do, and I do not find it to high. ... (8 replies)
... A month ago I talked to my psychiatrist about this issue. He told me that generally, the adderall remains effective in treating concentration issues related to ADD, and to wait a bit. ... (5 replies)
... Brenda, my son is doing great with a combination of Adderall RX and Strattera. The great thing that has happened is that they seem to both cancel out the negative side effects of each other. ... (5 replies)
... dderall. ive heard bout it from 100s of different stories at college where people manage to never go to class and just crack the book the night before with some adderall and know more than the people that go to class by test time. ... (1 replies)
... e! I'm reluctanct to switch to something else because I don't want to lose the benefits I AM experiencing, and I've heard it may take awhile for other meds like Adderall to take effect. ... (10 replies)
... y switced me from Strattera to Adderall. With the Strattera I felt down all the time, no energy to do anything. But my question is what is the difference between Adderall and Adderall XR? ... (4 replies)
... Ritalin and Adderall never worked for me while Dexedrine did. Everyone is different. It couldn't hurt to try Dexedrine and it might help quite a bit. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on Adderall XR 40mg for a while now. The past month I have noticed that I am not able to focus like I used to on it. I feel blahh, like I have no feelings. ... (4 replies)
... and now back to Adderall at a lower dose, 5 mg, not extended release. ... (5 replies)
... My husband was diagnosed with ADD 2.5 yrs ago. At that time he was started on Adderall with a huge improvement. ... (1 replies)
Adderall & Zoloft
Apr 21, 2018
... C symptoms. The adderall made my ibs symptoms worse and caused a lot of pain. So I stopped completely. I have not taken adderall for over a year now. ... (0 replies)
... If you believe getting a little Adderall now will empower you to succeed at the college level three months from now, you are badly mistaken. ... (1 replies)
... Does Adderall last longer then Ritalin? ... (2 replies)
... I'm a younger female, but I take Wellbutrin and Adderall. I've been taking Adderall for a little over a month now, and it helps me out a lot. ... (14 replies)
... As an aside, I have also experienced the euphoria of Adderall that you get at too high a dosage, or early on in treatment. You feel good. You're happy, you're energetic, you're outgoing and less self conscious. ... (7 replies)
Adderall and Xanax
Feb 19, 2013
... narcotic sedative, muscle relaxers. If you take the Adderall in the morning, and the Xanax at night to help you sleep, it can work. ... (1 replies)
... I want to put this out there as sharing is the best thing I can do. Ten years ago my husband was taking adderall for ADHD. The meds helped him, more so in the begginning then towards the end. He took it for a total of 5 years. ... (0 replies)

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