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Add - ?
Mar 30, 2004
... One of my friends up here is diagnosed with ADD and recieves aderall. I used some of her aderall on several separate occassions while studying. I dont use it to stay up all night, I just take it when I know I will be able to devote an entire day to studying. ... (0 replies)
... As adults we can recognize when things don't feel right and if we start a medication such as used in ADD we can logically put the pieces together that the med is more than likely the problem. ... (15 replies)
... However, I am going to disagree with your assesment but that's because I know my daughter and her "history." I don't agree with the ADD meds having a negative affect on her social skills or cognitively. There is more than ADD involved and more than ADD medications involved. ... (15 replies)

... Hello. My son is 9, 4th grade. He is currently on singulair, advair, allegra, and indurol for an eosinophilic condition and allergies. He is your classic ADD child, without hyperactivity. Very good natured, very capable. We have tried Aderall twice, metadate, and strattera. All make him very drugged and tired. ... (3 replies)
Do I have ADD?
Sep 23, 2005
... I frequently know things without having any idea why i know them. Goofball, random, spaz... yup thats me. Plenty of people have joked that im ADD or ADHD, especially because i can hardly stand still much less sit still. ... (11 replies)
New to adult add
Jan 3, 2005
... Jodi, I'm both OCD (Obsessive Compulsive), which it sounds like your husband may also be, and I was also recently diagnosed with ADD (which answered so many questions about behavior I was unable to change despite valiant efforts). Lower doses of medication were better for me than higher doses, because increasing the Strattera for more focus was channeled into my long-ingrained... (7 replies)
Add ???
Dec 26, 2002
... Hello ,hope every one had a wonderful Christmas .I have a few questions and after reading this would you please help me to understand if we are dealing with Add. Well when my daughter was 3 she was in a wonderland when she would watch cartoons it was like she was really in there with them you couldn't get her attention for nothing .I explained to my wife that somthing wasn't... (3 replies)
... er how many years someone has been on the medication or even if your on the downside of the meds efficacy. I have seen this happen even after several years on an ADD med. ... (15 replies)
... ould be that your dosage needs to be adjusted or you need a combo of meds. I am taking Wellbutrin as well. It is mainly used for depression but is prescribed for ADD at times. It helps bridge the gap between doses of the Aderall. ... (11 replies)
ADD - Speech
Jul 5, 2005
... Thanks goodness!!! I didn't ever relate my talking to my add but I guess it is! I'm a babling idiot when it comes to explaining things. ... (14 replies)
... My son is being tested for ADHD, and it seems the more we learn about ADD, the more I see from online, and the books my husband brings home, it seems that he does have it. Not much of the hyper aspect of it, but everything else...concentration especially. What I'm wondering is if anyone noticed a major change in thier children after being on medication for ADD. I think... (9 replies)
... I've tried most all of the ADD meds -- I'm in my 50s -- and have found nothing that works better for me than plain ole Dex tablets. I take 10 mg if I really need to focus, get organized, start and complete a project; if I simply need to focus enough to get off the couch or take out the trash, I take 5 mg. I've found that any extended release meds work horribly for me. (9 replies)
... Hi Cynthialee, Adderrall is sort of an odd med. In most cases when someone with ADD/ADHD takes too high a dose of this med, they will get "zombified" instaed of "jacked-up". How high a dose are you taking? I can tell you a few "dehancing" things, like caffeine. It will kill the effects of the med much sooner than you think. Having an acidic PH level can lessen it's... (9 replies)
... Caution and awareness needs to be used when taking ADD meds. They can cause some to become angry, violent and suicidal. ... (15 replies)
... Writing on behalf of my husband....he is currently too busy completing all the projects he has been meaning to complete since the third grade!;) It has improved our marriage, improved his self image, lost 30 pounds, improved his small business and loves his new life. He will tell you that it radically changed his life for the good. He is on Aderall. It took him 2 yrs... (9 replies)
... the afternoon. After this we tried Strattera which was a disaster. I thought we would have to have him hospitallized to regulate his mood swings. We then went to Aderall XR which again we have had to keep raising. He was up to 25 mg am and 10mg pm. This drug did affect his mood negatively and his sleep. ... (8 replies)
... Robyn - thanks for the encouragement! Actually I tried Aderall for a week and it gave me SPLITTING, dehabilitating headaches (with very little positive effect). My psych switched me to Lexapro (mild antidepressant) which seems to have almost no effect on me whatsoever. I might look into trying Ritalin or Strattera next, although I hate this feeling of guinea-pig! We'll... (17 replies)
... Had been on Aderall XR. Moody on it. ... (16 replies)
... Energy only. No focus, no grump. The energy lasted all day. If I could combine the positive effect of Aderall with the consistency of Concerta, I'd be homefree. Next, Straterra. ... (13 replies)
... WOW, you and I almost the same situation. Aderall is based on a high fat diet. I learned that from researching the net. Make sure you eat well while taking it or it will make you on edge and jiddery. ... (8 replies)

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