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... I'm new to this website, but I read your post and thought I would try to help. As you are probably aware, all medications have different effects on each individual, depending on the person's unique biology, chemistry, metabolism, medical history, and myriad other factors. This is the case even with over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, natural... (1 replies)
Inattention ADHD
Feb 22, 2011
... life destroying disorder. ADHD is complex. The variations in the symptoms vary widely from person to person. "Degree" is another variable. ... (28 replies)
... will help your son's ADHD. Strattera is a unique med. No other med can be substituted. Strattera does not work well for the majority of ADHD patients. When Strattera does work it works miracles as you experienced. ... (11 replies)

My ADHD type
Jul 25, 2009
... In regards to the dreams and the sleep issues, I don't know the connection between ADHD and sleep dreaming. ... (11 replies)
Inattention ADHD
Feb 24, 2011
... rich. One family in particular took a hell of loss this past stock market crash. Overnight, they went from comfortable to stressful living as a result. Besides, ADHD is as much a nightmare for the fabulously rich as it is for lower economic classes. ... (28 replies)
... I leave everything about ADHD to individual circumstance and opinion except the fact that ADHD is a disorder. A mental, physical even mechanical disorder means something is not working correctly, that is, not operating within design parameters. ... (36 replies)
... like symptoms are a part of the bipolar picture. Also, the ADHD symptoms may simply appear first on the continuum of a developing disorder. ... (10 replies)
Inattention ADHD
Feb 21, 2011
... I've been exhaustively researching ADHD. ADHD symptoms are caused by genetics interacting with environment. ... (28 replies)
... focus on narrow areas of particular interest to them. The article attributed Professor Fitzgerald for discovery of the link between ADHD and genius. ... (1 replies)
... To Link, I do not recall saying that ADHD is not a real disease state. ... (30 replies)
What Causes ADHD?
Jul 23, 2009
... I think most of us knew about the large difference between Adult ADHD and the ADHD that children experience. The "developmental context" causes the same disorder to be experienced differently. ... (1 replies)
... IV symptoms should be present before age 7. Some people get secondary ADHD from head traumas. The same treatments used for ADHD are helpful to these people but because the person isnt born with ADHD they are denied help many times. ... (1 replies)
... do not have ADHD but also act the way your boyfriend acts. That's not justifying it, it's just an observation of the way the world seems to work. ... (9 replies)
... Yes, ADHD and BiPolar may overlap. Doctors want to see the symptoms of ADHD appearing before the age of 9 to diagnose ADHD. The probability is unlikely that other disorders are the cause of attention problems before age 9. ... (1 replies)
... One of the lines I've been pursuing is "if ADHD is a genetic disorder, show me the buggy chromosomes. ... (51 replies)
... I'll answer your question within the context I think you ask "Can ADHD be cured? ... (51 replies)
... A few months back I did a "speedread" on guanfacine and was impressed with it ADHD effacious properties especially for ADHD rebound. So I run off to my shrink, ask for guanfacine for my insomnia that I think is the result of ADHD rebound. ... (51 replies)
... For example, in essence Thunor replied to "Alice" that I thought, Thu has to right. I can use Adderall to "induce sleep" when ADHD rebound prevents me from succumbing to normal exhaustion. But there is something missing. What the hecks is it? ... (51 replies)
... I primarily posted this for your benefit which means my benefit. This ADHD planning thing has been difficult for me to master. It works like crazy but I'm crazy and I forget what works like crazy unless I keep reminding myself. ... (32 replies)
... I think there needs to be a balance between ADHD as a disorder and ADHD as a trait. ... (36 replies)

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