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... HI! Completely new here. Looking for support and info. I have a 6.5 year old son who was diagnosed ADHD Combined and ODD this past July. He has been on Concerta since August starting at 18, with no change, and then 36. Plus clonodine for sleep. He was doing AWESOME, until Thanksgiving. ... (5 replies)
... That said, there should be no problem with discontinuing the Concerta for the weekend. ... (5 replies)
... flu on Thanksgiving, and ended up staying up late due to sleeping all day that day. So I thought that was the issue. till he never slept again after that and the anger issues were bad. Once we got sleep under control I thought it would help but it did not. So as of right now sleep school are great. Home life and anger are not. ... (5 replies)

... His anger and sleep problems may be attributable to something other than the meds, but rather a change in environment, experience, or a traumatic event. ... (5 replies)
... I appreciate all of your information! Thank you! I ended up not giving his concerta at all yesterday, but decided to on Saturday due to basketball. We met with his doctor this morning and started 30mg of vyvanse, we will see how it goes. ... (5 replies)
... Are you any better on the lower dose? (6 replies)
... I believe the Strattera was 20 mg??? The side effects from Concerta (anger, frustration with everything, depression) start about an hour to two hours after I take it and last the whole day. Really don't know what to think. (6 replies)
Concerta and anger
Mar 26, 2004
... Concerta has actually taken away alot of my anger/irritability which I attribute to my increased ability to tolerate noise when I take it (10yo DS and 13yo DS plus their friends plus my husband = noise overload for me!). Sorry you're having trouble! Getting meds right is SOOO frustrating... (3 replies)
... ing red, where i can see whats happening but there is no control and once that has stoped i have very litle memorey of it but it makes me feel upset and stuff so concerta xl i reckon is one of the best... and i was on rispiradol but i stoped it becuase it has some very bad effects for the growth if you know what i mean... ... (11 replies)
... My ds 7, just started to take concerta 18mg. on Thursday. well that day his teacher called and said that he threw 2 chairs and got into her face sceaming.i had to come pick him up. ... (0 replies)
... has been on Ritalin and Concerta since he was 5. He was so hyper, in preschool I received a phone call from the teacher the very first week he attended. It got worse in kindergarten. ... (55 replies)
... From what I've read, this can happen with any stimulant, which Concerta is. The "leveling out" is merely your brain's ability to adapt to the chemical, usually by shutting down some of it's own stimulating abilities. ... (5 replies)
... cy, mood swings, ect... so we started with Strattera. For the first week or 2 it seemed to be ok, then the mood swings started. He became angry ALL the time. His anger was all he seemed to be focusing on. He was blowing up over the smallest things. And physical activity became nearly impossible for him. ... (22 replies)
... Ritalin 40 mg a day. 2 years ago we changed to Concerta 54mg, time release because he was embarrased about it at school. ... (0 replies)
Jan 5, 2008
... n days that you do not take the medication. The main difference that i noticed in the two is that adderall isnt as well at being effective thru out the day while concerta is a time released pill and it does not cause as bad as mood swings or anger issues. My family was much more please with the concerta then adderall. ... (3 replies)
... Not true for all children. My 14 year old does great on Concerta. He's never been an outburst sort of fellow. Now, my 10 year old has PDD-NOS and outbursts are typical for him, meds or not. (11 replies)
... ke me throw up about 2 hours after i took it. No change in my attention span at all, however, it did help me sleep better at night. So my doctor switched me to Concerta 36mg. ... (5 replies)
... I liked that with Adderall you only have to use it on school days when he needs more focus. With concerta or Strattera you have to take it every day to keep it in your system. ... (9 replies)
... In researching ADHD for my son's case, I read somewhere that many doctors felt a stimulant like Concerta should be perscribed with a anti depressant to avoid just what you have noticed. ... (3 replies)
... I currently am taking Adderall XR and I really like it. I am 24 years old so I take a much higher dose but for me it has worked really well! The XR form is very steady and compared to the regular adderall which I used to be on I think that coming off of it is a lot easier. It is a much slower process as compared to the regular adderall which gave me a lot of up's and downs... (11 replies)

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