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... dream like vision, I broke down and decided to mention my ADD issues to the doc. He handed me a script for ritalin, and I thought i'd give it a go since my fatigue was really troubling me and my focus. ... (9 replies)
... The real problem is I AM TIRED. I am suppose to have today off. Neither Rit or Add can manage fatigue for any length of time. The fatigue always wins with a vengence in the long run. And upping the dose ups the vengence with which the fatigue returns. ... (5 replies)
... I just switched from Adderall 15mg twice a day to Concerta ER 27mg and have been really tired the last two days also. I am not sure if this is a common side affect for new users but I hope it goes away. ... (2 replies)

... inued to use it on into my freshman year and sophomore year in college. However, I did not recognize the side affects in myself of depression, headache, anxiety, fatigue as being related to the Adderall. Anyway to make a long story short. Took two years off from college and quit the meds... ... (11 replies)
... Hi. First post here. I'm not sure I'm posting in the right place or not. My questions are about my adult stepson and his recent diagnosis of ADHD, prescription for Concerta, and other factors. I'm going to try to be a brief as possible. Back in June of this year, we started noticing some erratic behaviour from him (he works for us). He started being late for work often... (1 replies)
... When i first started taking it, I asked about withdrawls and he said fatigue is likely. Well, I have extreme fatigue, chills, horrible back pain, moodiness and headaches to name a few. ... (3 replies)
... can increase adrenal fatigue as your body tries to compensate, putting you even farther away from a solution. ... (3 replies)
... can increase adrenal fatigue as your body tries to compensate, putting you even farther away from a solution. ... (3 replies)
... I actually like concerta better. Its like I am not taking anything at all except I noticed the symptoms that I had with adderall are gone! ... (5 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with adult ADD. A general practitioner started me on Concerta 18 mg. and I am waiting for my insurance company to approve a psychiatrist visit. ... (4 replies)
... I'm 34 and just a couple months ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD and have started Concerta and it seems to help. Not sure about the ADHD and why they just didn't say ADD cause there is nothing hyper about me. ... (0 replies)
... I'm new to taking ADHD meds and was prescribed Concerta ER 27mg. After two days on this med, i became extremely fatigued and had some feelings similar to PMS. Is this something that will ever go away? ... (2 replies)
... Hi all. I am taking 36 mg of Concerta and I notice that, while I feel good for about 8 hours, I then crash with fatigue (not depression). I still feel hungover the next morning and have trouble getting up. Anyone else? (4 replies)
Concerta 4th day
Mar 6, 2009
... I am a 32 yr old female. This is my 4th day on concerta. I am on the the lowest dose (18mg). Only feel side effects: fatigue, hard time swallowing, sore neck, foggy head. It even seems like a bit of a different smell is seeping from my body, maybe its my imagination. From what I can tell its only making things worse. Should I give it another week? I was told it takes a... (10 replies)
... n with looking like a drug seeker. I have worked in pharmacy a few years not to mention the drug addicts in my family. I am not though. I am going to give the Concerta a little longer if I can. As far as my diet, I eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, and protein. I cut the red meat and poultry out of my diet and it helps. ... (6 replies)
... I went back and checked the medication chart I have been useing for research and under common side effects the number one listed is insomnia nothing about fatigue. Hopefully someone else can shed some light on this. (2 replies)
... I agree, medications are perfectly capable of causing mood problems, more so in some than others! Constant crying spells, aggressiveness and fatigue finally convinced my brother-in-law to take my nephew off first Adderall than Strattera. He's back to his old sweet personality. Sometimes all a kid needs is a tutor for schoolwork or some incentives/stimulation to make it more... (22 replies)
... And this was GREAT in one way because it lasted a lot longer than the generic SR formula. The fatigue continued, but it helped A LOT with my concentration span, so I kept going with it. ... (1 replies)
... ing. Only under extremely stressful situations at work did I feel like I was functioning the way I could and with ease, while everyone was stressed out. So the concerta helped, but it made me a little irritable, even after adjusting dosages. I ended up on 54mg in the AM and 36mg, about 6 hours later. ... (2 replies)
... Overall, I like the stability that Strattera offers over Concerta but am now weighing the discomforts of the dry mouth and fatigue over the benefits. ... (128 replies)

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