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... and were finally diagnosed as ADD? ... (24 replies)
... I came across this post as I normally am in the vision section as I am suffering with a bunch of eye trouble that I won't get into on this post, but I had to reply to this one as I am 30 years old now and have been taking Ritilan for about a year now. ... (24 replies)
... I'm sorry if this gets too long. A little over a year and a half ago, my DH was diagnosed with ADD. His doctor, a neurologist, put him on Strattera and also on Lexapro because he felt he was also depressed. ... (10 replies)

... rs old. I am now 35. It had never really occurred to me that I may have ADHD, and I've just come across some websites, and I have some of the symptoms associated with ADHD, although some of them are similar to those for depression. ... (24 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with ADD since I was a kid, however my parents never let me recieve treatment via medication. I have had to cope with it as best as I could growing up. I am now 32 and want to get treatment with medications. ... (3 replies)
... five now, and was diagnosed as having had ADD as a child. My local doctor didn't pick it up, and was flirting with the idea of bipolar. I went to the Maudsley in London, which is a specialist unit, after my mother was diagnosed with it. ... (24 replies)
... Its okay trust yourself...The sooner you get dxed the better. ... (24 replies)
... My 9 year old son was diagnosed with add almost 2 years ago, he was origionaly on ritalin 10mg twice a day and is now on the sr one. I was wondering if anybody with any experience with learning disabilities could help me to understand if he has add or another learning disability. ... (5 replies)
... Hello, I am reading some of these posts and it sounds like me! I sometimes wonder if ADD is my problem? ... (4 replies)
... close and friends were about the same. So there are a few things that made the range of ADD. But for now, even though I read what all you people have to say and get diagnosed, I'm going back for some therapy I guess, which is now depressing. I feel like from here on out I will be wasting my time talking to the Doc. ... (24 replies)
... Hello I was just diagnosed with ADD today and I found that when I went to go get Adderall that the price on it was extremely expensive even with my insurance. Are there generic brands that would be cheaper? ... (9 replies)
... wiggling my foot. I didn't really notice it before until I was diagnosed with ADD. One of the questions the Psychiatrist asked me was whether or not I am jittery, or can't seem to sit still. ... (21 replies)
... or Stay clean and deal with consequences. ... (24 replies)
... so I was lucky to be able to get thru other subjects, and manage the honor roll even most of the time. Which is one reason I wasn't diagnosed sooner I suppose. But I could not read to save my life.It took way too long and my mind wandered constantly. ... (24 replies)
... agnosed" about 3 yrs ago by a psychologist after taking some tests. My mom has come around a little to understanding that I don't try to take a half an hour to get my coat and bag, it's just after getting sidetracked and distracted 30 times and saying at least 5 times "what was I doing? ... (24 replies)
... out" years. I was the only person in my program to fail and get kicked out, i know this because the classes consist of only 35 people. ... (0 replies)
... ness" he was tortured by always being one step out of sync with the universe and was unhappy and bitter at all the potential he didn't fulfill. ... (24 replies)
... Sort of describes me. Held back in 4th, barely made it out of 7th and drifted through highschool. Work with my hands well. Book stuff....not!! Military helped me because they have structure, something to fall back on. Civi life has little structure. ... (24 replies)
... not going to let my kids suffer the same way I do. Although, my youngest seems to have some of my issues, but she is able to keep herself organized and on track with most things. A few things fall through the cracks here and there. ... (24 replies)
... but anyone who has ADD will tell you that it's not "normal". ... (24 replies)

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