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... I went from Celexa, to Lexapro and Welbutrin, to Lexapro and Adderall, all in a span of maybe four years. I'm currently taking Lexapro 10mg and Adderall XR 10 twice a day. Both relatively small doses. ... (4 replies)
... ats breakfast, then takes his first dose, it should wear off around lunch time or right after school. Then feed him a big lunch of after school snack. His second dose should wear off intime for dinner. ... (4 replies)
... ADHD have nothing to do with feeling high. i also have to admit that when i first started Adderall three weeks ago for my ADHD, i felt slightly euphoric for a couple of days. ... (13 replies)

... inquired about the adhd medications, he told me that he would ONLY write me a script for stratterra. He felt that he had a moral obligation not to put any more adderall or "cocaine" in his words on the street. ... (4 replies)
... amphetamine. An IR version would release the entire dose earlier in the day than Vyvanse taken at the same time. ... (8 replies)
... I know that when I took a series of tests for my mental eval. I scored moderate on anxiety, and low on depression, but extemely high on ADD. ... (2 replies)
... Your dose of Ritalin is far too low for it to be effective. ... (9 replies)
... Again, their experience with Adderall may be different from your own. I tend to describe Adderall as a 'shotgun' approach to ADHD management, they threw in pretty much everything in hopes that one or more type of amphetamine will help. ... (3 replies)
... year old who dropped out of high school you can sure write well. While reading your post, I couldn't stop admiring your excellent use of grammar, punctuation, etc... ... (6 replies)
... welbutrin xl and adderall xr. ... (1 replies)
Jul 9, 2003
... I can't tell when any of my medicine wears off, especially the Adderall XR. This is probably because Wellbutrin SR keeps everything nice, smooth and stable. ... (8 replies)
... I'm about to be 17 and I ended up dropping out of high school because of ADD that I was totally unaware of. I went to a public high school and despite being in advanced classes, I was absolutely bored and unchallenged. ... (6 replies)
... e aren't in your head. Doing any type of psycho active drug will change your thought proccess expecially in such large doses. Second off, you were taking much to high a dose! I wouldn't recommend taking that much to anyone even if they had severe ADHD. ... (1 replies)
... when I started Adderall and has remained in the normal range since ... another example of a paradoxical reaction. Adderall does not give me the munchies but neither does it curb my appetite. I wish that I experienced the common Adderall side effect of appetite suppression. ... (4 replies)
... XR, 20 mg for over a year now. It was great in the beginning and before I tried Adderall, he did try Strattera and Concerta and it seemed that Adderall worked best until recently. He now seems very agitated almost like night and day. It seems that when it starts to wear off, he suffers from major withdrawals. ... (3 replies)
... These side effects range from high blood pressure to weight loss to insomnia. Personally, I lost a lot of weight since starting Adderall, which is unhealthy seeing I was thin to begin with. ... (21 replies)
... impaired other than it must be very difficult for children and parents to bear. As far as the Adderall, it is obvious the dose is too high for her age. It could be the Adderall causing some problems.. ... (4 replies)
... Have you tried a lower dose of Adderall? ... (6 replies)
... life of regular release is 5 hours. 5 hours is when half the dose is out of our blood and its efficacy is mostly gone. ... (6 replies)
... Due to a snafu at the pharmacy I was abruptly "off" of Adderall for the last few days, after taking it consistently since November. ... (2 replies)

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