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... Thanks for the update, Ringbill:) My thoughts are that you know better than anyone else how you feel. Putting aside the dependency issue for a moment, there are few doctors who, unless they've known their patient(s) for many years, would be ecstatic hearing that one self-medicated. However, if the one day test you did worked well for you, then I think it's vitally important... (8 replies)
... Today I took my typical 20mg Adderall XR, but also took 10mg instant release in the AM. I noticed a big difference. ... (8 replies)
... You have to start on a low dose and work your way up as instructed by your doctor. ... (3 replies)

... I also cannot tell you how many times I've read about the high IQ's these kids have.....certainly this is not disease in need of medication! And one of my issues is that stimulants are not medication.... ... (149 replies)
... ly been recently, somewhat...last few years. they coincide with my fibromyalgia. when I was a kid, i slept well, could sleep through jst about any noise. even in high school, i can remember staying up REALLY late, wee morning hours, and still be functional and ok for school. ... (17 replies)
... or yesterday when he talked back to his teacher and he was suspended from school. Now I'm wondering if I need to take him off of Straterra altogether. I've tried Adderall XL and it made him so zombie like that I could not bear it. ... (22 replies)
... ust keep prasing him. My son is 7 and in the 2nd grade. We didn't notice anything different with him until he was in 1st. He passed all the IQ tests with very high results. Is problem was that he was not sitting still and focusing on his assignments. ... (9 replies)
... Wow. I can't imagine a 7 year old take 36mg of Concerta. At the age of 31, I took 36mg and it was too much and caused my blood pressure to go on the high side (and this was at 190lbs at the time). It helped a lot with my concentration; but there were usually two or three times a day where it "peaked" and made me feel anxious... especially if I had caffine that day. I have... (8 replies)
Adderall XR, 60mg?
Aug 24, 2003
... Wow, that does seem high, the top dose of adderall is supposed to be 40mg per day, so instead of like 2 20mg per day you should be on 1 40mg per day. ... (2 replies)
... We have tried every avenue. Meds., Couseling,Diet etc.He has been on ritalin Adderall, Concerta,strattera and now on Concera and strattera combined.His last dose of concerta alone was 108mg. He has been through all the test that you can give a ADHD child. He has a High IQ,but has no attention span at all. ... (11 replies)
... because with my mood on a constant rollar coaster, the symptoms of my ADD seemed to follow that rollar coaster track as well, making it impossiable to give me a dose of medicine that wouldn't either over or under medicate me depending on the day, hour, or sometimes minute. ... (12 replies)

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