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... Adderall IR tablets are safe to break, and if you aren't sleeping, your dose is way too high. Cutting board and kitchen knife works well to break them. ... (37 replies)
... mg. Obviously more can be taken under a doctor's supervision, but it's likely that taking such massive doses have you well on the way to addiction. Remember, Adderall is an amphetamine . . . the potential for dependence and neural fatigue is high when it is abused. ... (2 replies)
... term success. The hard part is finding the right dose for your body and getting past the "initiation phase" that adderall can put your body through. ... (11 replies)

Adderall Advice
Aug 4, 2007
... Index, great, great, great advice, thank you! I would never in a million years have considered that Adderall could make me more tired, because all of my research has turned up the "be careful, it's like a prescription for speed" information. ... (31 replies)
... Hi, I have also just started adderall,for the first time. At first I was on Ritalin L.A, which seemed to help more of my small ammount of ADHD, but happened to change my personality ... so I was ( like i said) switched to adderall. I'm also on 20mg, but thats all I take in a day. The reason you might not be eating is because of the amount your taking... my advise would be to... (6 replies)
... Tell your doctor the effect Adderall XR is having on you. ... (11 replies)
... weeks, the anxiety went away. My doctor prescribed me a low dose of valume to take everyday until I got use to the effects and it worked great! Now I don't even need it and the adderall seems to mellow me out if anything. ... (6 replies)
... He tried XR for a week and it didn't help with his focus as well, maybe the dose wasn't high enough, XR 20mg, but the doctor said it was as high as he could go. That's why we went back to regular. The hardest part about the beginning is that the wearing off period is hard to deal with. ... (11 replies)
... began taking Adderall about a year ago. They switched to Adderall XR over this past summer. The entire time they were on either drug, my older son has been incredibly moody, ,and my younger son has developed tics. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for your responce to me I never once even heard of adderall until the doctor said that my son was not doing any better on the ritailn and so the Dr put him on that adderall but put him on a high dose for the first time being on it and it cause problems with my son and anothering i food out too looking in to a site about adderall well it is also used as a diet drug... (5 replies)
... mg does seem extremely high since it is the maximum dosage prescribed, but I am only on 50mg. I was taking a rather high dosage of Concerta, so the switch seems appropriate. ... (37 replies)
Sep 9, 2010
... Amphetamines are generally "safe" apart from their high abuse potential. "Apart from 'that' Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show? ... (8 replies)
... That dose is way too high!!! According to the FDA 40mg daily is the maximum dose doctors should prescribe for ADD. ... (8 replies)
... mg is a very high dose. Most sources recommend no more than 60 for ADHD, although other conditions may require higher. ... (2 replies)
... additionally - I am tired of being hungry but unable to eat. It feels like a form of torture. Also, is anyone else experiencing sexual side effects, e.g. inability to reach an orgasm? (37 replies)
... D I'm ALWAYS losing my items it's SOOOO frustrating I hate it. I can see if it wasn't a persistant thing, but it's ALL THE TIME!!! I also feel my dose needs to be increased. ... (3 replies)
... until the end of my freshman year in high school, when my mom decided I didn't need it anymore. Well I did, but never followed up on it. ... (0 replies)
... for almost 3 months, I started at 10mg IR adderall 2x day, then went to 20mg IR the next month. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, your experience is typical for a first time Adderall user. ... (2 replies)
... I was on a very low dose of Adderall, just 10 mg per day. I'm very sensitive to stimulants, half a cup of coffee and I'm up all night. ... (8 replies)

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