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... can cause poor sleep quality and they can cause fatigue due to overstimulation of the brain and nervous system. The dark circles are a dead givaway the sleep he is getting is not restoring what his body is going through with the meds. He might be having a dose too high for his particular brain chemistry to handle. ... (10 replies)
... tracked very easily, and overwhelmed too if he thinks there is too much work to be done.. Does anyone else have any input on how Concerta has worked for a 6 yr old? ... (1 replies)
... Maybe its different in your state but where I am ADHD is very overdiagnosed. Most times the only testing done before diagnosis and medicating is 1 teacher survery and 1 parent survey. ... (10 replies)

... ere twins, there are a huge number of biological and environmental factors that can lead to people receiving different effects from different medications. While Concerta may indeed work for you, the fact that it works for your brother is meaningless. ... (3 replies)
... g because we differ from gender to upbringing to every other psychological property. I can only conclude that you and I are part of an psychological pattern that is rooted in biology not environment. ... (11 replies)
... Well, here is my story. I've always been Adhd but it really showed up after I got married. The stress of working full time and being on our own took it's tool. ... (4 replies)
... I don't know for sure that I have ADD. I think I do, I've spent a good deal of time researching the symptoms, and too many of them fit me to be a coincidence. ... (4 replies)
... full time worker. I am on concerta 18mg and I'm wondering if it makes me more hyper when I'm PMSing. I am on concerta and Zoloft 200mg. Occationally I used to take Xannax for anxiety. I'm wondering if I need a two week prescribtion for that to help me when I'm PMSing. ... (7 replies)
... It sounds like the Concerta is working for you, at least somewhat. That's a good thing, stick with it. Your sense about the amphetamine salts is probably correct. ... (3 replies)
... her to increase as you need to be monitored on concerta to find out what the right dose is for you and suits you. ... (5 replies)
... and now I am on Provigil, which actually is for Narcolepsy but helps for add. ... (8 replies)
... a very fast metabolism. My doc recommended me Concerta for my ADD and made me increase my dosage gradually, warning me that I had to make sure I eat to not lose too much weight and that it might worsen my sleeping problems. I took 18 mg for a week, with no effects at all, then switched to 27 mg for 3 weeks. ... (3 replies)
... studied, and she said there's no real need for XR because it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to take the pills multiple times a day. ... (3 replies)
... I am 40, and my oldest son is 10. ... (0 replies)
... en exceptions, especially in very tall families. It's not unusual for men to continue to grow in their early 20s, so don't lose hope yet. Ensure that your diet is nutritious so that lack of building materials doesn't limit your potential growth as well. ... (1 replies)
... In regards to meds my sons peadtrician did say to me that it is possible to take the 4 hour ritalin just until the 12 hour ritalin kicks in. ... (15 replies)
... Not true for all children. My 14 year old does great on Concerta. He's never been an outburst sort of fellow. Now, my 10 year old has PDD-NOS and outbursts are typical for him, meds or not. (11 replies)
... I started 36mg of Concerta five days ago. I have already tried it once a while back. Along with Ritalin, Adderal and Strattera. ... (26 replies)
... I started 36mg of Concerta five days ago. I have already tried it once a while back. Along with Ritalin, Adderal and Strattera. ... (26 replies)
... I am 40, and my oldest son is 10. ... (3 replies)

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