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... There is a very small percentage of ADHD patients who have food sensitivities. Within that small percentage, there is a subgroup who are sensitive to red dye. For those individuals, avoiding red dye will make a significant difference in their symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... My son who is almost 8 acts soooo strange when he has red dye 40. He gets this really wierd look on his face with a devilish grin and has to touch and pester everyone. ... (4 replies)
... Actually Red Dye allergies are very common. I know 8 people with the allergy. ... (4 replies)

... Has anyone ever heard that Red Dye #40 in foods and drinks should be avoided if you are ADHD? (4 replies)
Toddler with ADHD?
Mar 25, 2004
... he is NOT ADHD only ADD. ... (19 replies)
... Also, it is my understanding that stimulant medications are the absolute WORST thing to put a child with ADHD on.... depending on if the H part is part of her diagnosis.... is she actually hyperactive? ... (7 replies)
... years old. And need help in trying to restrict the diet or types of food you can or cannot eat.. I know they say to cut out red dye or foods with red 40.. i just need help with controlling my temper around my mother and driving.. I am on Concerta 54mg and it does work and would hate to get off of the drug.. ... (1 replies)
Help!!! - Adhd?
Dec 18, 2003
... stay away from processed foods and dyes, mainly RED dye!!! ... (11 replies)
... I agree with free spirit on this one. My daughter has ADHD and she was diagnosed at a young age, but her father had it. It is genetic. Lots of things could be causing her short attention span. ... (25 replies)
Info on ADHD
Oct 11, 2004
... In all reality- speaking from experience here. My son was the same way- However; I was told by several Dr.s that you can not accurately diagnose ADD/ADHD in a child until they are at the very least age 7- but better to wait until 8 or 9. There is absolutely no way I would medicate a child this young, however; it is your decision. You can get several books and do a lot of... (7 replies)
Red Dye?
Mar 27, 2001
... On another parent board I was posting on many of the kids recating to red dye 40 each in a slightly different way. My son will get hyper and if he has too much he will get down right mean and nasty and can have full blow rages... ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with severe ADHD as well as some other issues. ... (2 replies)
... Nate, five years old, 18 airborne allergies, food allergies, yeast, soy, eggs and milk. Also recates to red dye 40 and many meds. DX with ADHD, Sensory intregration disorder, autoriy processing disorder and the list goes on. ... (40 replies)
... Diagnosing and medicating such young children is a real mistake. ADHD is misdiagnosed SO OFTEN! He may not even have it. Even if he does he's just too little to be put on medications. ... (16 replies)
A tough decision
Dec 27, 2003
... elop without tramau to their self esteem, so that when they are teens they are less likely to "self medicate" with alcohol or drug abuse than those mild cases of ADHD who rough it alone.? ... (10 replies)
Becalmd safe?
May 5, 2004
... well, it doesn't appear to be homeopathic based but it is working and that's great! so your son doesn't have adhd? more behavioral problems? some things to consider are food dyes or food allergies. something to think about. i have heard about red dye #40 causing behavioral problems as well as hyper. it's in a ton of food-especially fruit snacks, candies and juices. i... (22 replies)
... My DS is Stephen and he is 8 yrs old. He was diagnosed ADHD with ODD co morbidity... He is on 54 mg of Concerta, at which he gets at 7 am daily. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in, and trust me I drained by 730!! ... (4 replies)
... That's wonderful. I'm so glad that you found a -relatively- easy fix! (4 replies)
... I just resently made the connection between red dye and how he behaves. I know when he has fruit punch he goes off the wall. ... (24 replies)
... I wondered too how long I would have to wait to see if there was any change from removing stuff like the red dye from her diet? ... (24 replies)

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