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... Hi, I'm new here. Just wondering if anyone has experience with Red Dye #40 and how it affects them. It makes two of our kids very hyper!! (That is the last thing we need with our ADD son). It makes my nose run like crazy, but I only noticed this as an adult. Can anyone relate? (2 replies)
... My son was on the Concerta and he actually maxed out for his height and weight..I had notice alittle bit of a change..and so did his teacher. ... (11 replies)
Red Dye an ADD
Jul 24, 2002
... There are other posts re this subject on the Epilepsy Board. It may be well worth your time. Tattoo (0 replies)

... I would deffinetly be interested in any of the nutritional supplements u can tell me about. I have my 6 year old on omega 3,6,9. I give it to him 2x's a day. Do u have any recomendations on how much a person should take? thanks for your info I see U all over this sight & u seem very knowlegeable. thanks jenn (8 replies)
... There are a number of things that can improve ADD symptoms. It really depends on the person. For me, I had to eliminate food dyes, red dye is the worst for me... well at least its bad for other people to be around me once Ive had it. ... (8 replies)
... drink something with red dye, or go a week or more without my supplements. ... (2 replies)
Red Dye?
Mar 25, 2001
... I have a one year old boy and while at a childs party they served fruit punch. ... (2 replies)
... years old. And need help in trying to restrict the diet or types of food you can or cannot eat.. I know they say to cut out red dye or foods with red 40.. i just need help with controlling my temper around my mother and driving.. I am on Concerta 54mg and it does work and would hate to get off of the drug.. ... (1 replies)
... My daughter's cheeks and ears turn FIRE ENGINE red!!!! Its how I know if she has been eating foods we have agreed she would avoid. ... (2 replies)
... wheat. People think gluten intolerance effects the gi system. It also can effect thyroid, skin, and even brain. It's worth a try. Nothing with wheat in it for a couple weeks and see what happens. If that doesn't help, cut out anything with dye. ... (11 replies)
Red Dye?
Mar 27, 2001
... I don't believe there is any proof that red dye causes many children it will cause hyperactivity though, and COULD be a contributing factor to ADD symptoms. ... (2 replies)
Info on ADHD
Oct 11, 2004
... but by altering her diet and using techniques to get her to listen more attentively you will be a much happier Mom and she will be a much happier child. ... (7 replies)
... I just resently made the connection between red dye and how he behaves. I know when he has fruit punch he goes off the wall. ... (24 replies)
... I agree with free spirit on this one. My daughter has ADHD and she was diagnosed at a young age, but her father had it. It is genetic. Lots of things could be causing her short attention span. ... (25 replies)
... yes denitely my little brother experiences behavioral problems and alot more trouble thinking and focusing i.e. ... (2 replies)
Help!!! - Adhd?
Dec 18, 2003
... stay away from processed foods and dyes, mainly RED dye!!! ... (11 replies)
Red Dye?
Mar 27, 2001
... On another parent board I was posting on many of the kids recating to red dye 40 each in a slightly different way. My son will get hyper and if he has too much he will get down right mean and nasty and can have full blow rages...meaning he gets very violent. ... (2 replies)
... Diagnosing and medicating such young children is a real mistake. ADHD is misdiagnosed SO OFTEN! He may not even have it. ... (16 replies)
Feingold Diet???
Jul 27, 2003
... My mother sent me info on this diet for my oldest son, whom until recently I consider he could have ADD. The major point of the diet I used was cutting out red dyes in his food or drinks. It's amazing what the red dye does to him. He takes off like a rocket and won't come down! ... (3 replies)
... Natural foods, regular exercise, and good sleep are all easy methods to ease the symptoms of ADD. They don't go away, but they do ease up a lot. ... (3 replies)

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