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... Every medicine causes some kind of problem sooner or later. Some worse than others. As for liver damage with Ritalin, it's not common. However, there is this one ADD/ADHD med that can cause severe liver damage (forgot the name), in fact, the med causes so much damage that they have to do blood tests every few weeks. If only I can remember the name of the med. Are you on... (149 replies)
... my question is, can retilin really hurt you? ... (149 replies)
... as for where you said retilin CAN hurt you, are their any other percription drugs for add that cant? ... (149 replies)

... hmm, i tried your advice and picked up a book that i have bought a while ago, but havent got around to reading, tom clancy's rainbow six. i can tell i would enjoy the book, but the problem is i cant read it! im not dyslexic or anything, i can see the words, but i cant concentrate on the sentences, like i said before. can my brain really be trained into being... (149 replies)
... i hope they do too, thank you for your help (149 replies)
... Hey andy, well, that's good to hear it's been pinpointed. Give the exercises some time. Drugs tend to bring instant results while slowly causing harm while things like the exercises may slowly bring results which requires some patience on your part. For example, it's like you can either go on a strict, practically starved diet to lose weight, successfully lose 20 lbs in a... (149 replies)
... hmm, well it turns out i dont have convergence insufficiency, but i have a very similar case which has the same symptoms, and can also be cured by exercised (which the doctor gave me). i guess we'll have to see how they work! (149 replies)
... Very cool! :cool: Good luck and keep us updated! (149 replies)
... yea, thats me! :angel: i just got back from the psychologist and he took me off retalin COMPLETLY. he also said to make an appointment for my eye doctor, to get this checked out. cool or what? (149 replies)
... I've never had such wonderful things said to me, thankyou so much! I do hope we run into each other alot here on the forums....I usually post in the depression, anxiety, panic and ADD forums mainly to see if anyone needs drug info.....I know most do not want it, but some do. I'll look in other forums like the Exercise and Fitness, and Alternative medicine, but don't usually... (149 replies)
... haaaa haaaa, ooookkkkay, you are just cracking me up now!!! :D You are a bit devilish, arent' you? (149 replies)
... hehe, actually i have 2 sisters. take your pick! (149 replies)
... Jennita Well - please excuse me from butting in on the romance! Lucky you!! Does Andy have a brother? LOLOL You are a remarkably philosophical woman - that stands you in great stead! No - I have done the classical Ashton as you know - but it would appear that there is a group of people who will not tolerate another's viewpoint or situation - but I was daft enough to... (149 replies)
... "And as you can see, I even got a little romance going on here! ;) .....Bonus" hehe yea, i like to give these forums a little more "spunk" :) ps, i hope that "little romance" thing was unintentional (149 replies)
... Hey there, hi Mise! Thanks alot for the kind words. I don't blame howard too much, since he was in benzo hell at the time. Obviously, he did pull the typical "if you don't like it, why don't you do something about it" thing in regards to our off-topic social/political discussions, which is good arguement (even if a very typical response) but not so realistic since each of us... (149 replies)
... Jennita!!! Caught you at last. Sorry - this is a bit off topic but I had been unable to find you! So sorry you were "blown off" by that incredibly ignorant person elsewhere - I actually could not believe my eyes at what he said. I can make a guess at what part of the country he comes from! LOL Jennita - just want to wish you well - you have made a remarkable recovery -... (149 replies)
... Nothing ventured, nothing gained :cool: (149 replies)
... hehe it was worth a shot. (149 replies)
... Uhh ohhhh, jail bait!! I admit though, I'm very flattered, andy.... but although everyone thinks I look young enough to be my daughter's sister, I am definetely an old lady at 47 so I doubt you would really want to do that!! :eek: You sure made me smile, however! :) Hmmm, my daughter is 21 and single though.... :D Good luck with your appointment! (149 replies)
... thanks again jennita i will make an appointment for the doctor tomorrow if this actually works, i will book a flight to where you are and marry you. although im only 17, im sure we can work it out. :p (149 replies)

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