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... Anyway, after much coaxing, I decided to give the Ritalin a try. I'm a college student, and so my grades were always being affected. Let me tell you, the first week on Ritalin were almost surreal! ... (30 replies)
... ow he cant sit still and it would take him 45 mins to finish 10 math problems. Always yelling out. This went on for a few months so I changed the adderall from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg twice a day and nothing changed. The 10 mg helped with him sitting still and the yelling out but not with the work. ... (30 replies)
... times a day I only took 10 MG twice yesterday and the same today so far. ... (4 replies)

... Is ritalin like adderall in the sense, when I take it I notice the immediate effects? ... (4 replies)
... First off, let me say that everyone is different and responds differently to meds. I was on adderallxr 30 mg for 2 weeks, and it made me feel "abnormal" and prior to that I was taking generic ritalin 10mg 3 times a day and I felt more focused and normal. ... (7 replies)
... the nervous system, which allows the brain to focus on what important per say. You said your son used to give hugs, and now not so much anymore. This is because ritalin wont allow the body to become over excited. Ask him what he feels like when he takes it. ... (30 replies)
... to the longer acting Concerta. Not for some time though, as I am actually trying to start a family so with any luck will stop taking my ritalin soon, but at some point I will probably start meds again. ... (0 replies)
... About 3.6 mg around hour 4. That would hold until hour 9 then drop off for the next 4 hours to virtually 0. ... (4 replies)
... Look, I'm no doctor so take what I say with a dump truck load of salt, but 30 mg of Ritalin is WAY too much for a six year old child. It is no wonder so many become ADD med and doctor haters. That is just plain irresponsible. Geeeeeeeeeee. ... (30 replies)
Ritalin LA??
Mar 25, 2006
... Thank's all.. I did go up to 30 mg but still the same thing. My Dr switched me to Adderall 30 mg .. it's been 3 days now much better but the side effects suck. God only knows I need to drop 50 lbs but the appitiete lose is a bit much. ... (9 replies)
... I used to take adderall 30 mg but I had a very hard time falling asleep at night and I would get agitated when it wore off in the evening. ... (9 replies)
... 30 mg might be interfering with your sleep, which will cause depression. Maybe a lower dosage would work better, I take 5 mg. Low for an adult, but it works for me. Or, maybe it's just not the right drug for you. (16 replies)
... I'd be interested, as I'm at the end of my rope. I am pregnant, so stopped taking my ritalin (30 mg/day) and I am very close to losing my job. I've tried Omega 3 supps and list making - I don't know what else to do. I'm going to call my doctor to see if I can find a therapist. (11 replies)
... Once again this is how its made you, pls yea if your taken 30 mg of the non slow release thats a lot but they are different just like Adderall and Reitalin are two different pills. ... (30 replies)
... completely off all Alprazolam. Reduce dose of Ritalin to 10 mg. x 3 daily. ... (3 replies)
... from 2000 until, around 2006. Prior to that, I was given the diagnosis of ADD 314.00, in June of 1994, and, took, either brand Norvartis Ritalin 20mg, on arising AM hrs, and, 20 mg after lunch, for the first two years, DX was made by a Psychiatrist my age 44 in 1994. ... (6 replies)
Metadate CD
Jun 28, 2005
... I've been on Metadate CD for a month and it was 30 mg. I am now on 40 mg. ... (1 replies)
... depressants, but I can give you my personal analysis of what happened with me. Ritalin didnt work, believe it or not. But it did make me lose significant amounts of weight, but I also have that problem with Adderall. ... (18 replies)
Ritalin and DLPA
Dec 8, 2005
... Before starting Ritalin I had been taking 1500 mg of DLPA every morning. With the more pronounced effects of the Ritalin I wondered to what degree the DLPA had been a placebo effect. ... (1 replies)
... I was extremely encouraged by the combination up until about 30 mg of stratera. A few weeks ago where some of the best weeks I have ever had in terms of productivity. ... (2 replies)

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