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... I saw mention of a ritalin cancer link in a newspaper editorial. ... (0 replies)
... Good day I am a mother of a very, very busy 9 year old, Last year (2012) I'v taken my son to the specialist, and she said his is positive for ADHA and should have been on medication, She then said to put him Concerta, this year (2013) he started a new school and is re-doing Grade 3, On Tuesday I got a note from his teacher saying she can not coupe with him and suggested I... (1 replies)
... its wise to go get blood work done anually though, like me. just to check your liver enzyme levels, because they can rise on the very rare occasion, but it caught early, there shouldnt be anything to wory about. ... (5 replies)

... My husband is now taking an anticonvulsant med that seems to help somewhat with the bigger seizures however he tends to fight them off and fatigue himself to the point of exhaustion. We are now looking to the advise of a neurologist to see if there is anything further we can do without damaging his liver, which the anticonvulsants will do if taken long term. We have found... (9 replies)
... term use of Ritalin can cause liver cancer in children? ... (149 replies)
... Every medicine causes some kind of problem sooner or later. Some worse than others. As for liver damage with Ritalin, it's not common. ... (149 replies)
... Forgot to add that one thing they keep from you is the known liver damage caused by ritalin and the like. The medical society knows that taking Ritalin will knock years off of your life. ... (149 replies)
... Jennita:) Hi:) I understand your concerns and I'm sure most of the parents here feel the same way. I know I do. I am always scared to put my daughter on any medication, especially for her ADHD, BUT, I have no choice at the moment. If she doesn't take something, she will fail school. I have tried so many times to take her off and it just doesn't work. Her grades go... (29 replies)
... disposed tendency or undiagnoised liver problem. ... (29 replies)
... liver oil to krill oil. I give my son Source Naturals Neptune krill oil. It has worked better than the cod liver oil. ... (4 replies)
... My son is studying to be a computer programmer and has a part time job with a small company writing some programs for them. He claims the modest amount of caffeine in a cola helps him concentrate better on his writing with no side effects, no withdrawals and he sleeps well. He had and still tends to have all those ADD "symptoms on the criteria but he has his own way of... (16 replies)
... a family friend died of liver cancer and he was a very moderate drinker, but alas he did drink regularly....a little can do alot over time was my point. ... (29 replies)
... effects of Ritalin or the consequences of ADD? ... (16 replies)
... It also causes liver and kidney problems, indigestion, and is hard on your heart and nervous system, it is full of cancer causing toxins as well.. ... (24 replies)
... How much Ritalin is enough? ... (15 replies)
... after Ritalin were given a much higher dose than normally would be given for their size, admitted the researchers. ... (55 replies)
... medicines and it does help with sleep.You have to remember every person reacts differantly to medicines. My son is now off of the clonidine because it caused his liver levels to elevate. With out the clonidine his head shakes back and forth and thats from the ritalin. It stops if I don't give him the ritalin. ... (15 replies)
... rink." I said "ok." The HMO I had at that time would not allow my doc to refer a shrinK. I was livid. My brain is more important to me than my liver. Can refer a liver guy. Can't refer a shrink. What gives? ... (11 replies)
What is ADHD?
May 30, 2005
... Why would a liver doctor suspect ADD? ... (0 replies)
Stratera ?
Jul 9, 2005
... Cylert is another stimulant that is rarely used because of links to irreparable liver damage. ... (2 replies)

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