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... The Average Wholesale Price of Barr Labs Generic Adderall 20 mg. ... (13 replies)
... Adderall XR is no more for children than regular adderall. You are right about the price though, it is more expensive, and there is no generic adderall xr available. But there is generic regular adderall... amphetamine salt combo, which is much cheaper. ... (4 replies)
... amphetamine in Adderall is attached to aspartate monohydrate, saccharide and sulfate. ... (27 replies)

... Please study up on ADHD and the medications used. I don't know where you heard that it takes a while for adderall to work. Adderall is a stimulant, it works almost immediatly. ... (10 replies)
... both were the generic salt type. ... (4 replies)
Adderall swelling?
Jan 23, 2010
... I think maybe the Adderall makes me a little more thirsty? ... (1 replies)
... ok when I was trying adderall the pdoc gave me "D-amphetamine salt combo 10 mg" btw it's from corepharma I guess, like it says on the bottle, it's generic for adderall. I am thinking it's IR because she said I could take up to 4 a day. But I was so sensitive to it, I could only take 5mg at first for a week and go up ....eventually I stopped because even 10mg seemed too... (3 replies)
... I've tried generic from "BARR " and it felt totaly different to me than the original Adderall "Shire " ,immediate release. The generic from Barr were sweet tasting and very "explosive" ,with high peak and fast crash down. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on adderall for 6 years...the regular generic kind. I think it worked great! I was on 20 mg TID. for the whole time. I had to stop it a week ago because of a bad reaction. ... (3 replies)
... workers on Adderall also and they see similar results. Just worth noting. Some one told me it was all in my head. I said, "yeah, your right... ... (3 replies)
... Anyone ever taken the generic adderall and if so how did it work for them? ... (3 replies)
... No. There are ampakinetic drugs in clinical trials that may end up delivering like traditional psychostimulants, but the jury is still out. I'll believe the hype when I see the proof. If the medication is too expensive for you or not achieving the desired effect, you need to ask for a psychostimulant drug (e.g., Adderall, Ritalin, Amphetamine Salt Mixtures). If the doctor... (5 replies)
... amphetamine. The dimesylate salt slows absorbtion reducing bioavalability over time. Shire markets Vyvanse for its lower misuse potential. Why the Schedule II rating by the DEA? ... (27 replies)
... You make some valid points, however, the logic you present would also dictate whether someone who drinks alcohol got liver disease or not, only basically taking into account any pre-disposed tendency or undiagnoised liver problem. In other words, one shouldn't worry about liver related problems with alcohol if they do not have a previous condition, according to your... (29 replies)
... I wouldn't go so far as to say that stimulant medication "causes" heart attacks. Though it may definitely be a contributing factor in people with underlying medical conditions they may be unaware of. A credible physician would not prescribe stimulant medication to a patient without first checking for possible underlying medical conditions that may predispose the patient to... (29 replies)
... I get them when I was younger if I ate a lot of salty stuff, like sunflower seeds or pickles. So I think it may have something to do with the salt compound in the medicine. ... (6 replies)
... being nice to the customers. I didn't like waiting on people. I hated waiting tables. I was the waitress that was brave enough to tell people to get their own salt and pepper. ... (37 replies)
... Like many others,I have tried Add,Dex,and Rit for ADD.These are the main differences,as far as basics: 1) Adderrall is composed of 4 different Amphetamine salts and was originally used in the 60's as a weight-loss drug called Obitrol.It has more effect on some folks respiratory system than others,so it was also less likely to be abused.It was re-marketed in the mid-90's as... (8 replies)
... i told him i was stealing my bfs adderall and I wanted to try my own rx. he was hesitant about letting me try it. ... (1 replies)
... Adderall in Kentucky, had a fire, that interrupted the distribution and mfg of Adderall for 90 to 120 days, if I remember correctly. ... (2 replies)

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