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... I have a son who has been on this medication for about four years now and who is 14. I have in the last six months had to up his dose he now has his concerta with an extra 20mg ritalin La. I found at school he was acting upon stupid impulses in the last two periods at school, now he has incresed doses he is better. ... (15 replies)
... I know that we've talked to the school psychologist and I was wondering if my daughter should be on a 504 plan there to help her for now. I'm just in a quandry..... ... (7 replies)
Jan 18, 2008
... A psycholgist may not have the ability to prescribe medicine, but that doesn't mean they don't know what is out there, how it works, and what they have observed to work best. (3 replies)

Jan 1, 2008
... First, I have to say that it isn't the school shrink's job to recommend a medication. Most likely, the school shrink is a psychologist, NOT a psychiatrist. Psychologists are not qualified to prescribe medication. ... (3 replies)
... ut none the less I was terrified. We tried behavorial mgmt with a therapist twice and nothing seemed to work. Everyone from his pediatrician, psychologist, and school counselor was aware of what we were going through. I for one didn't believe I had even given birth to him at times he would be get so disruptive. ... (3 replies)
... night trying to get through it. We also find that everything needs to be repeated constantly. He is not 'hyper', in fact he is actually a very lade back kid. The Psychologist I brought him to has recommended that he take Concerta XL and start on 18mgs. ... (1 replies)
... e would cry for no reason and seemed down all the time. I took him off of it against the teachers' wishes and tried to deal with it. By 4th grade I heard about Concerta and tried that. He was on Concerta for 2 years and only 18 mg. His weight dropped drammatically and he couldn't sleep. ... (31 replies)
... My son has been on Concerta for years and has done well. He did have tics. Every few months they would change though and at age 9 he was able to control them. ... (3 replies)
A tough decision
Dec 27, 2003
... yes, that paper trail worries me too. However, I finally decided that if my son didn't have the Concerta he would probably have a paper trail that included arrests!! Or I might really lose it too. ... (10 replies)
... *I'm really sorry about the excessive length! If you're not interested in the background information, please just skip to the last 4 paragraphs* I don't know for sure that I have ADD. I think I do, I've spent a good deal of time researching the symptoms, and too many of them fit me to be a coincidence. A quick background. I'm currently 35 years old, working for $14 an... (4 replies)
What to do??
Jun 13, 2003
... d aggressive with only 20mgs during a 3 week process. With these medications, my son has had extreme tics and stuttering. This school year he started on 36mgs of concerta and it was eventually increased to 54, the tics were unbearable and he would attempt to say something and he would get completely stuck. ... (6 replies)
... just last year Aspergers syndrome. It was a long complicated diagnostic process because so many of these disorders overlap in symptoms! I started him seeing a psychologist because he was having a really hard time in kindergarten!! ... (23 replies)
... The 7 year old has been taking Concerta for l year. ... (11 replies)
... earlier. I became a food nazi in terms of her nutrition. I spent more time with her on her home work. And I still struggled with her daily. I got calls from school asking where assignments were. ... (170 replies)
... He was seen by a psychologist during the summer before he started 6th grade. ... (13 replies)
... h grade was very difficult. I would have to stay on top of him constantly to see if he had homework, and then to make sure he completed it. Then he would go to school and forget to turn it in! It was very frustrating, and it happened over and over. ... (14 replies)
... in Canada until 2019, and we still pay an arm and a leg for it. That means if I were to lose coverage, say because I got my ADHD under control and went back to school again, I'd need a less expensive option. ... (5 replies)
... We are having a VERY similar problem with my step son. My DH had custody of the kids for 3 yrs(he's military)but when he had to move to a different state-a joke of an emergency custody hearing turned custody over to the mother since she would be staying put. Anyway the mother has now had custody for about 5 months and suddenly SS has all kinds of issues/problems that we do... (34 replies)
... hi i know how u fell i ahve a 3 yr old with adhd he things he has to have things his way and he thinks if he dont he gets mad he throws fits and think he shought get what he wants ty Jaime (8 replies)
... because after changing to Metadate, we are having nothing but problems. Now my son is showing so much aggressive behavior that he is about to get kicked off the school bus. ... (8 replies)

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