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... This is typical of stimulants. Perhaps you can get by on a smaller dose; however, tolerance to these meds happens after awhile so the small dose may not be enough someday; tolerance can also cause withdrawal like symptoms even while still on the med if it is not raised. I know ADD is hard but someday you may have to choose between good vascular/cardio health and taking the... (6 replies)
... I just started taking 20mgs of adderall XR in the morning. I find it wears off in only a few hours. Should I take more in the morning or do people take a second dose around lunch time? ... (6 replies)
... Abuse generally means that you're taking more than your prescription recommends or you're taking something you're not supposed to. If you find that your current dose is insufficient and start taking a second dose during the day, then you really have to worry about words like 'addiction' and 'abuse. ... (4 replies)

... Most likely the dose is too much too soon for you. Ask doc about immediate release 5mg 4 x day. Take the second dose about an hour after the first. Experiment a little on the timing of the third and fourth. ... (3 replies)
... But I'm concerned about how much I'm taking, and the timing. After several weeks of titrating, I was prescribed 35 mg. Adderall XR to be taken at 6 am, and then 20 mg. Adderall to be taken at 3 pm. ... (3 replies)
... I think I know now. Just a week or two back, you and I were discussing when Shire loses its Adderall XR patent protection. Before that discussion I heard something about XR going generic in the U.S in 2009. Made no sense at all. ... (27 replies)
... Also, Generic XR or Brand? ... (2 replies)
... so i passed all my classes with my lowest grade being a 65 just passing math so this year i am still taking adderall xr 30mg my parents make sure i take it everyday. ... (2 replies)
... What was your son's Adderall dose when he decided to quit? ... (7 replies)
... Your dose may be too high. ... (8 replies)
... you might try switching to regular adderall and take it twice a day instead of XR. i have yet to hear a real success story on adderall XR! the twice a day dose will guarantee you have your second dose for studying.... as long as you remember to take it! ... (4 replies)
... ll get to the point because none of that really matters! I've never posted on any message boards before so I'm not really sure how to do this lol. I began taking adderall mid January, and I started off on 5mg XR. Since then, I've gone back to see my doctor every 2. ... (7 replies)
... I'm onboard with Thunor and Marisuela about too much Adderall causing worse ADHD symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... and take my dose but the rest of the week my class isn't untill 4 so I wake up at 10 take my dose and try to sleep but it never happens. This morning was a first but I think that was because I took a tylenol pm. ... (2 replies)
... like, i took my first at 8am, then my second at 4pm. XR lasts only about 9 hours in mine instead of 12. ... (2 replies)
... I switched from Adderall XR 30mg to Adderall IR by Sandos labs 20mg 2x daily. Adderall is still not lasting long enough, even with the two doses. I'm looking for some answers on how to make the IR last longer. ... (2 replies)
... y. This was about 4 days ago. I've been experementing with the doses, breaking the caplets up, I tried 20, 10, 10, then 15, 15, 10, and today 20, 20. Today on my second dose once it kicked in it made my ADD much worse. I had a hard time focusing and I felt really out of it. ... (3 replies)
... weeks, the anxiety went away. My doctor prescribed me a low dose of valume to take everyday until I got use to the effects and it worked great! Now I don't even need it and the adderall seems to mellow me out if anything. ... (6 replies)
... i have only been on adderall since my diagnosis, and it has been amazing for me! inspite of what your doctor might tell you, adderall XR and regular adderall are VERY different in how they affect your body! i cannot take adderall XR! my doctor insisted i try it because it was the newest great thing for ADD... ... (23 replies)
... what was your dosage on adderall xr? ... (6 replies)

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