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... except when I walk up stairs, but it's plain as day when I'm barefoot... It's not unusual for ADHD children to have sensory issues because ADHD is now being thought to be an autistic spectrum disorder. ... (52 replies)
... no longer does. OT is what got us through the bad behavior. It worked wonderfully. The first time he was in it, he went weekly for four months. Many of his issues subsided, but I worried about his inability to socialize. ... (52 replies)
... Does anyone have a child with adhd that also has many sensory issues? ... (52 replies)

... school teacher and I also have a daughter who is 11 with sensory problems. She was diagnosed with adhd, but I don't believe that she has that. I think her lack of focus and problems with attention are a direct result of the sensory issues. ... (52 replies)
... weekly basis. While sensory issues are an issue with autistic children, not all children with these issues have autism. ... (52 replies)
... Any child that has sensory issues should be checked out by a neuro psychologist to see if they are on the autistic spectrum. You could have a high functioning child that has Asperger's Snydrome. ... (52 replies)
... You mention your son has RAD and FAS. Please keep in mind that often times the attachment problems can be sensory related. I wondered about an attachment problem with my son before I started OT the first time. ... (52 replies)
... I feel this all the time with my son who has asperger's. He touches people, gets in their faces, hugs people, just cant keep his hands to himself, along with just being annoying! He is fine in structured situations but get him with anything outside of that watch out!!! ... (52 replies)
... Children with sensory issues thrive on structure. You can't tell them to "go outside and play" unless you have some specific suggestions on what they can do. ... (52 replies)
... Sync Child or any books on sensory issues alone, for that matter. ... (52 replies)
... We did do brushing techniques which he loved and he sleeps with a heavy blanket. ... (52 replies)
... Time for me to read the Out of Sync Child. There are other good books out there as well in regards to children with sensory issues or how to parent them. I'll do some checking this week. ... (52 replies)
... Great post, Cyndi! Sensory issues are so overlooked because, in my opinion, not many professionals even know about it. Many children are misdiagnosed because of the lack of awareness of SID. ... (52 replies)
... Thanks for the input. True, the medication only helps to keep him calm, but he still has many sensory issues while on it. I rarely use it because of this. I am going to push for an OT. Thanks for the boost. ... (52 replies)
... in the one minute it takes to drive there, I walk him into the gym, take him to a teacher, and she then sits with him til the bell rings. It is a sad situation. I hate doing it, but it is the only safe way for other kids to be around him. ... (52 replies)
... Both of our sons are adopted from Russia too. It has been a whirlwind experience parenting our sons at times. We are so blessed with them in our lives. ... (52 replies)
... We have the same issues with our son that everything we tried helps a little! ... (52 replies)
... yes, ADHD can include sensory issues. ... (7 replies)
... I would check into aspergers and do some research in that area. (52 replies)
... I notice the impact especially when it comes to sensory issues... I can go into crowded shopping malls, restaurants, and I have more stamina for loud, bright, crowded social situations or even my kids' tantrums! ... (0 replies)

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