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... not right now. She was in counseling for a while but I didn't see much of a difference so I took her out of it. Tried a couple of different counselors but to no avail. (8 replies)
... Just wondering is she in counsoling? Maybe a combination of meds and counsoling will be helpful. My son is newly diagnos ADHD (sorry I cant spell) and it is scary I myself don't know what to do. I just read your thread and was wondering. (8 replies)
... It's sad and breaks my heart that she may be bipolar. I hope not, I really do, b/c I don't want her to end up taking drug after drug after drug to get it right. Sometimes she can be an angel and be very helpful and loving then the switch gets flipped and it's like WWIII at my house. Whew! (8 replies)

... I totally know how you feel. My son is at a point where we are messing with his meds again and driving us all crazy! He comes from school and it seems that almost the whole rest of the night he is TRYING to bug us. He just laughs at you when you get mad. I know from experience that he can be such a great kid...but most of the time it's like he was meant to torment me and... (8 replies)
... My son is ADHD , and we just switched him to Adderall, and he is doing great. We have to switch his meds. every 15 months or seems like one will stop, and something else will work. The adderall so far has been the best. (8 replies)
... I am 40 and diagnosis Bipolar I and ADHD for the past 8 years. I take Adderall XR 25mg, Zoloft 200mg (AM) and Lorazepam (same as Clonidine) .5mg, Seroquel 200mg, Lithium 600mg and Topomax 150mg (PM). It took several years, 3 doctors and 24 medications changes to get me stable and able to work and enjoy life. These are VERY TOUCH DISEASES!!!! They can cause death if not... (8 replies)
... That is one problem, yes. But she is defiant also. She has trouble making friends b/c she acts much younger than she is. Her dr said he felt like she had bipolar disorder with depression also but he attributed that to the ADHD. That's where the seroquel comes in to play with the bipolar but it's only .1 mg. She goes back to see him on the 18th so I plan to let him know... (8 replies)
... Perhaps you could clarify for me. Is the main problem that you are having that she doesn't want to do her chores or homework? (8 replies)
... My daughter has ADHD and was on Strattera for about a year. I never saw any improvement in her behavior or her grades. I kept telling her doctor this but he never changed her meds. Sooo, I found a new dr. who told me that Strattera is a waste of time and money. In my experience, this is true. He put her on all three of the above mentioned meds and she was much better for... (8 replies)
Bipolar & a.d.d.??
Nov 26, 2003
... I think I have a similar problem--in reverse. I have had many episodes of major depression throughout my life (I'm almost 42) and one major manic episode in 1999. I have also had what was thought to be many minor hypomania episodes. I tried mood control meds, but depakote reduced my white blood cell count and lithium made it impossible for me to do anything cognitive (and... (1 replies)

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