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... n may be harmful to certain groups of people. These include people on steroid medications, women trying to conceive, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with severe mental illness, those with severe allergies, those with autoimmune diseases, people with leukemia or lymphoma, and all children. ... (14 replies)
... What I am about to say may be shocking and actually hard to confront. But your daughter is actually in severe danger being on those medications. You have been severly misled by Psychiatrists. The dangers of these medications are actually shocking. ... (7 replies)
... I suffer from severe ADHD and looking for a new Doctor or Psychiatrist in Ann Arbor, MI where I just moved. ... (0 replies)

... You, as her mom, and her dad in conjunction, must make the best decisions you can for your daughter. I had a son with severe ADHD amd childhood depression, and didn't like the idea of meds initally, but it changed all of our lives for so much the better it was amazing. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks, I actually happen to be his big sister, not his brother... XD I'm planning on telling him as soon as I go home for spring break. (4 replies)
... I do have a hard time telling him this because we don't get along as well as I wish we would, but as soon as I go home for spring break I think I will tell him. :) And overall he has had rather good teachers, apart from his 2nd grade teacher who told my parents that he was stupid. We didn't like her. (4 replies)
... This is really sweet... have you shown him this? I bet it would mean alot. He is lucky to have a brother to support him. Continue pushing things he is good at, it will aide in his confidence. =) (4 replies)
... Pearlofrapture, that's beautiful. You should tell him this if you can. Does he have good support from his teachers? That's important. (4 replies)
... Hi there, I was also just recently diagnosed with severe ADHD and Bipolar disorder. I am on 30 MG XR of Adderall twice a day, fixing to move up to 3 times a day, and 400 MG of Tegretol. I am 27 year of age. ... (7 replies)
... I have been diagnosed already with severe anxiety, depression, and sleep troubles. ... (4 replies)
... Stimulants can unleash potential that is being kept static by moderate to severe ADHD. Our performance gains looks like the difference between dial up and high speed boardband. A 4. ... (58 replies)
... I had just been on vyvanse 40mg for 16 months. I thought it was a miracle drug. No side effects. Helped my ADD like a dream. Loved the weight loss aspect. Then I got sick... And for some reason sickeness turned into psychosis... And neurological problems and cardiovascular problems and then I about went into a coma. I was in two ERs. Docs had no idea what was going on. Took... (6 replies)
... Some with severe ADHD are unable to beat the pavement long and hard enough to get the meds needed. ... (27 replies)
... Keep at it Bob, we're all pulling for you. I can relate to where you're at, because I'm there every day to the point that my health is now at rather severe risk. I'm glad to see some of the strategies presented here, hopefully I can make some of them apply in my own life. ... (23 replies)
... Thank you I have a doctors appt. on tuesday am. (8 replies)
... Many people use Zyrtec with no side effects. Many people use Zyrtec with horrendous side effects which are not listed anywhere except on the web by the sufferers themselves, desperate to warn others. Many list difficult behaviour in children disappearing as soon as Zyrtec is stopped, which is why I have posted here. Spamula, Zyrtec withdrawal itch can be severe, and many... (8 replies)
... One does not develop ADD at age 22. It is a lifelong thing. Sometimes, it doesn't pose a problem severe enough to warrant treatment until adulthood, but the diagnosis requires that symptoms have occurred before age 7. ... (8 replies)
... Wife and I are proud parents of a 1.5 yo Yellow Lab. Lab's name is "Loverboy" not because he is a sleaze but because he loves love. My "boy" has severe ADHD. He is just like his "daddy" completely NUTS. Boy was wailing the most mournful wail because I took him out to his spacious run and left. ... (24 replies)
... I can only tell you what its done for my son. We tried everything else. If a child has strattera it has no stimulant. Some kids with severe ADHD the strattera will do nothing for them. Concerta never caused depression in my son. But they do say every child is different. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, My husband was diagnosis 12 years ago with ADD and Depression. Yes he has severe up and downs. He has a hard time sleeping. He can work for hours. He's a car salesmen. ... (9 replies)

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