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... that they suffered from celiac disease, a severe form of gluten intolerance. ... (2 replies)
... The simptoms of bipolar and add are very similar removed]. I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2(a year ago)-which is a less severe type of bipolar, I started out on lithium and reacted very badly to it, so my doctor switched me to depakote-which has worked great! No side effects-I usually react very easily to any drug I take, so low doses do well. I also take welbutrin 150mg.... (4 replies)
... that for most children and adults that have moderate to severe ADD they can work miracles. ... (12 replies)

... s syndrome. Your child may have mild to severe symptoms or have a few or many of these symptoms. Because of the wide variety of symptoms, no two children with Asperger's are alike. ... (52 replies)
... my opinion, I think if i was told when i was little that i had a problem and was given meds then I would have gotten worse. However, your son sounds like a more severe case, and it would help with the questions to be answered above to see why he is acting like this. ... (4 replies)
... Hey don't feel bad. My dad never would either. He always thought it was ridiculous that I had to take medicine for it even though my doctor told me I had a severe form of it and likely would have it for the rest of my life. ... (4 replies)
... ard to deal with, and, as a parent myself, I know what effect that can have on you and your family. If I were you, I'd try a different med. You may not have as severe of a rebound effect. ... (5 replies)
... I took an online "survey" regarding my son, and it says that he has a score that shows that he "may" have a Severe case of PDD, it was this survey that said "GET HIM TESTED!! ... (8 replies)
... That sounds like a HUGE amount. My 10 year old son takes 20 mg. of Dexedrine Spansules in the morning, 15 mg. of Dextrostat in the afternoon and Melatonin at night and I absolutely would not give him the way he weighs 62 lbs. at 10 and he's a boy! Also he used to be on Concerta (before the Dexedrine) and he has severe ADHD (and I'm pretty sure ODD) and they would... (5 replies)
... was on it, and when he had missed a pill. We were happy up until about a month ago when he started to get very moody. Then he lost a lot of weight. Now he has severe chilblains on his little toes. I am wondering if the Ritalin is responsible for all this, perhaps upsetting his circulation thus the chilblains. ... (9 replies)
ADD and Tics
Jun 3, 2005
... med would scream that it's too many meds and not to give the stimulant in the first place if you are worried about tics. Those of us with SEVERE ADHD kids understand that sometimes it is necessary. ... (9 replies)
... randson is like so many other kids I've heard about, including my own son. Strattera may not be working for him. It did absolutely nothing for my son. My son has severe ADHD and has all the symptoms. My daughter on the other hand seems to have some of the attention problems but really none of the hyperactiveness. ... (4 replies)
... My son has severe ADHD and I'll tell you this, I would sooooo hate to be a teacher and have to deal with Nicholas if he wasn't on medication. ... (4 replies)
... He's a severe case, though. The medications have been useful in calming down his hyperactivity enough that the other kids no longer ostracise him so much. ... (6 replies)
... Amphetamines and amphetamine like drugs, also norepinphrine (adrenaline) drugs can definately cause aggressiveness and mood swings. (4 replies)
... My 10 year old has severe ADHD. He has been on a ton of different meds and recently got changed from Concerta to Dexedrine. ... (4 replies)
... day for severe ADHD and that is PLENTY. ... (4 replies)
... life with undiagnoised, severe ADHD was that wheh I was younger I got lots of exercise. ... (3 replies)
... in the corner of my Rx. I urge you to try the brand name. The dry mouth doesn't seem quite as severe with it. also, when I use generic my ears feel like they are filled with water filled with water and I get weird little tics. ... (18 replies)
... ear old son couldn't stand to see his Mom, his rock get sick and he started doing some very bad behavior problems. Both of my kids are ADD, my daughter also has severe anxiety with some OCD. If your son doesn't react well to med changes, which he may need, think about counseling, as your health changes impact the whole family. ... (27 replies)

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