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... compensation by our brains is cause. Adderall kicks up norepinephrine and dopamine into normal operating range, that is, the range of values in use by brains without ADHD. ... (35 replies)
... When I take a lot of adderall (90+mg short release) over the course of a day my feet turn purple - nearly black. My knees turn lighter purple and you can see veins all over my legs... it's so nasty. All of this dissipates with elevation and moving around. Um, and taking less adderall. I tend to take more adderall when I have a lot of work to do, obviously (I'm a law... (10 replies)
... But I'm concerned about how much I'm taking, and the timing. After several weeks of titrating, I was prescribed 35 mg. Adderall XR to be taken at 6 am, and then 20 mg. Adderall to be taken at 3 pm. ... (3 replies)

... R in the AM hours, and, 15 mg. of sustained Release "Dexedrine" in the afternoon, total daily intake, now, 55 mg. ... (6 replies)
... mg of Adderall is not double the recommended dose. For treatment of ADHD in adults, 40mg per day is considered the upper end, though 60mg is recommended for narcolepsy. ... (3 replies)
... I think I know now. Just a week or two back, you and I were discussing when Shire loses its Adderall XR patent protection. Before that discussion I heard something about XR going generic in the U.S in 2009. Made no sense at all. ... (27 replies)
... Are you on the Time Release or the Instant Release? ... (2 replies)
... my brain is learning how to function properly, I have to decrease my dose after being on adderall for awhile. If I don't, my ADD symptoms get WAY worse, and anxiety crops up BIG TIME.... and I don't normally have anxiety problems! ... (2 replies)
Adderall dosage
Oct 18, 2007
... I am one of those people who takes 60mg of adderall a day. In probably the majority of medical publications I have seen and that are out there 30mg a day is listed as the highest standard dose. ... (3 replies)
... release brands of methylphenidate available in Canada, and it literally did nothing for some reason, even on a bigger dose, so he switched me back to the short release because at least it did something at all. ... (1 replies)
... What I think happened is you were taking the fast acting tablets of adderall and not the long release capsules, right? ... (2 replies)
... after a switch from Adderall which I took for close to three years. ... (6 replies)
... making you tired you may be on too high of a dose, you may want to try a lower dose to see how it works with your system before giving up on it, it also comes in short acting and extended release forms... ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD after filling out forms for my 21-year-old son who was being tested for this and finding myself saying "yes" to a majority of the questions for myself. Long story short, he has ADHD as do I. I have been started on the lowest dose possible of just plain Adderall (not XR or SR or whatever the extended release form is) 5 to 10 mg in... (4 replies)
... I had heard about an adderall shortage but now its arrived in my area. ... (8 replies)
... rotransmitter shortage. In simple terms, my concept of what's going on is something along these lines. For whatever reason, many ADHD sufferers find themselves short on PEA. ... (35 replies)
... suffer from ADHD are prone to addictions to any of a range of things, from drugs or alcohol, to food, to gambling, to extreme behaviour, because these behaviours release dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine when we engage in them. ... (18 replies)
... Great topic. I've been on Adderall for 3 months. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. My depression lifted and I can think more clearly. It seems to hype up my anxiety a bit, so I'm still on 10 mg Lexapro. ... (18 replies)
Concerta Cramps
Aug 26, 2003
... The worst thing has been regular intestinal cramps as the delayed release takes place. Does this happen to anyone else? ... (0 replies)
... Amphetamines promote the release and block the reuptake of Dopamine in the CNS. It's very difficult to replicate this effect with 'natural' supplements. ... (2 replies)

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