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... high blood pressure runs in my family. so why I don't have it must be because I believe in lots of exercise and no drugs. ... (149 replies)
... At least your doctor is honest, let's give him credit! We need more of that. ... (149 replies)
... i wouldnt describe it as "blurred vision". its just my eyes seems to enjoy going out of focus when their not in use, even if i dont move em for 1 or 2 secconds, the automatically go a little unfocused, its even hard to read with this problem. ... (149 replies)

... Alot of people with vision problems are inaccurately diagnoised with ADD. ... (149 replies)
... Look, I don't mean to upset you. You really need to know a few things, though. If your doctor cannot tell you any real measure of dopamine levels in your brain and what normal levels are, you really can't medicate something like that properly. ... (149 replies)
... To stigmatize any of them as good or bad is to my thinking not very productive. ... (149 replies)
... On the subject of food, that's exactly what creates all those wonderful neurotransmitters up there...... ... (149 replies)
... ernet application for research grants from Eli Lilly and I thought it was interesting how they noted on it that anyone applying should keep in mind the interests of the company.... ... (149 replies)
... than anyone ever has of taking the medication....oh, and since there were claims of Ritalin death and so on, I decided to check again with the American Medical Association... ... (149 replies)
... There are a lot of treatments out there. Basically your best bet is to explore all of them. If the more natural or safer treatments dont help you then you might want to choose medication. ... (149 replies)
... i am familiar with the postings of at least one of the people you are not happy with and can tell you she has a HUGE knowledge of ADD as well as personal experience with stimulant experience. i've read ALOT and i think she knows more than me about add biochemistry. ... (149 replies)
... All well and true, but many are misdiagnoised. Even the presentation of all symptoms does not guarentee anything. My nephew was diagnoised properly, given meds. ... (149 replies)
... Also, you wont find any doctors who treat ADD with stimulants who will tell you about all the side effects that they can cause. Many doctors don't even know. Hopefully everything works out for you. How many mg are you on? ... (149 replies)
... Like singing! (149 replies)
... stepping the original intention of healing physical disease and causing it instead. Besides the fact they still have no proof of physical disease in behavioral disorders, here's a really great example that even goes beyond that...... ... (149 replies)
... Tyrosine for many of his patiants who dont respond to medication or cannot tolerate the medication side effects. It depends on body and brain chemistry, and not the severity of the condition. ... (149 replies)
... In a lot of recent statistical case studies of ADHD patients under medication, it does lower their blood pressure. They monitored my blood pressure and pulse before and after and it did, in fact decrease. ... (149 replies)
... and research at the American Medical Association's webpage. Also you can find an area where all medical reports are entered about patients affected by any type of drug...look through stimulants accounts and see what appears... ... (149 replies)
... ritalin. Its completely ridiculous. If people dont take their insulin they die. No one dies from lack of ritalin. ADD isnt caused by a methylphenidate deficiancy. ... (149 replies)
... I also cannot tell you how many times I've read about the high IQ's these kids have.....certainly this is not disease in need of medication! And one of my issues is that stimulants are not medication....they are drugs that can speed up the brain.... ... (149 replies)

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