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... He also cried at the drop of a hat. Emotional lability is a side effect. His parents took him off the Strattera, he is much better and actually his grades improved the next year when he got a new teacher, so go figure.... ... (1 replies)
... My 12 year old daughter is adhd and was put on Straterra. 18mg first four days and 25mg for the next 14 days. We did the 4 days of 18mg and we are just about finished with day 25mg 14 day schedule. ... (1 replies)
... adverse effects can be culmative, that they can appear after years of taking the drug. ... (4 replies)

... It seems to me most side effects of Strattera wear off after a few days. Today is day 12 for my son and Strattera and he has two side effects that I am very concerned now. ... (6 replies)
... year old male, diagnosed with ADD after 15 odd years of wondering where I left my car keys. Been on Adderrall XR for a year now. After a few months of trial and error I settled quite comfortably with 30 mg. ... (4 replies)
To JeffRMom
Feb 27, 2003
... and decided to put my ADHD son on Straterra after reading all the postings on this forum, even though we still do not know the long term side effects of Straterra. ... (5 replies)
... Thanx a lot. I'm going in more informed. (4 replies)
... Well, stellinator, here's the deal. Concerta, like many of the meds on the market for ADD, is methylphenidate. It is a central nervous stimulant and yes, it does carry with it the potential for abuse. ... (4 replies)
... The hot flushes and becoming sweaty, especially around the neck area is something I live with everyday with the Strattera. My blood pressure is just fine when I am checked, but I would be curious to get it checked right when the flush occurs. (9 replies)
... couraging input. Even though I have friends who are experiencing the same difficulties with their children that I am, it's so informative to read the broad range of experiences here. ... (9 replies)
... The first doc I went to prescribed 80 ml of Straterra instantly. Now, I didn't know anything about it, but I distinctly remember raising my eyebrows at the dosage. He assured me I'd be fine. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this board and have been reading over several of the new posts. I have a close family member that has ADHD and has been on a stimulant for quite some time. ... (14 replies)
... Ok I have had it with this medicine! The side effects are now so annoying that I have made an appt to see my Dr Tommorrow. I have taken Strattera for 3 months now and the daily clear thinking is gone. ... (20 replies)
... smallest things, has horrible rages, and has become very clingy to me lately. he also never wants to leave the house. i am going to ask his dr to switch him to straterra next week but i'm just wondering if the side effects of that are going to be the same.... ... (3 replies)
Mar 8, 2003
... My son has not taken any stimulant drugs so I'm not much help here. The main side effects of straterra do seem to be loss of appetite and tiredness. This affected my son for about 2 weeks. Now his back to his old self! We have had good results with the Straterra. ... (50 replies)
... Wouldnt taking it at bedtime cause you to have a hard time to sleep? (10 replies)
... I just checked around and found a bunch of places that talk about side effects of strattera...the most common seem to be nausea and stomach ache. Most say that the side effects got better over time. ... (10 replies)
... I wouldn't be worried. Everyone reacts differently to all of these medications and to different doses of them as well. I started on 30mg of Vyvanse and felt great for 3 days and then it started not working at all or wearing off after a couple hours. I'm on 40 mg now and it is wonderful! ... (37 replies)
... A rise in blood pressure is one of the possible side effects of strattera for adults. If your daughter is experiencing this it is something that should be minitored on a regular basis. ... (9 replies)
... Irritability is probably one of the most common side effects of ADHD meds. Including the stimulants and strattera. Some people become sleepy on stimulants but that is seen more in those who have a problem with hyperactivity. ... (17 replies)

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