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... I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to college. I have an Adderall XR prescription and am supposed to take 30mg a day, that doesn't work so I take 60mg every other day. ... (7 replies)
... I recently tried to switch from Adderall to Strattera. The directions were to take 40 mg for 4 days, then go up to 80. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I'm female, and 18 years old. I just recently started to take adderall. I do not understand or get the "euphoric" feeling some people experience while on adderall, however I do enjoy the appetite supression. ... (1 replies)

... Adderall can cause slight insomnia, even if you do have ADHD, it's one of the common side effects. A recent study however showed that while people on Adderall had a more difficult time falling asleep, they made up for it by being in a deep sleep stage (stage 5) more often. Of course...that's if you can fall asleep ;-) (4 replies)
... hour period... i had no idea what it really did and was kinda led on by a friend that it was a ok amount.. obviously i know its not now once i got home and searched up on it.. ... (11 replies)
... So I just started taking Adderall XR and I am very disappointed. After being on several other medications with absolutely no effects, I switch to the supposed end all be all of medications. I am on 20 mg every day. ... (3 replies)
... How much is he taking and what time of the day? Jenn (6 replies)
... odd and put on adderall xr but he can't sleep. I first night he didn't sleep at all. last night he slept an hour then was wide awake the rest of the night i am afraid of what tonight will be like. ... (6 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have been on Adderall XR for about 3 months now. I started with 15 mg, but got brought up to 25 mg. I originally got on the medication so that I could focus more on school work and be more motivated to do my work. At first i loved being happy and motivated all the time. ... (0 replies)
... old son just completed first grade and was on Adderall XR 10 mg in the morning. He had been on it for two months before he started waking up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night crying and compliaining that his "heart hurts. ... (1 replies)
... What was your son's Adderall dose when he decided to quit? ... (7 replies)
... Adderall ir focus effect only lasts me about two hours, if I'm lucky. My doctor added the adderall ir 10mg to my daily dosage to try and help combat the afternoon sleepiness I would get when I'd take my adderrall xr 30mg at 9am. ... (0 replies)
... I was first diagnosed with ADHD in the 1970's, before it was called ADHD. I was on Ritalin for awhile. In my teenage years I was not treated for ADHD and ended up doing poorly in school. ... (11 replies)
Adderall Advice
Dec 31, 2007
... very wise. I have accepted the hand I have been dealt however it doesn't mean I have to like it. I guess what really bothers me the most are all the drugs I am on and it seems that none really help what they are supposed to help. I keep trying though and hopefully one day, just maybe, they will get it right. ... (31 replies)
Adderall Advice
Sep 7, 2007
... plain miserable. I sought help from my pcp for 2 years trying every antidepressant the drug companies are pushing right now and none worked. He finally gave up on me and referred me to a psychiatrist. ... (31 replies)
... I just started Ritalin LA so far so good, just today I stared my first month (Nov.) with Ritalin (regular like a 4 hour) then she tried me on Adderall (Dec.) which lasted a long time, I guess it was regular release but for me it lasted all day and if I had too much (which 10mg was) it interrupted my sleep... I would crash, sleep four hours, be wide awake for an hour,... (23 replies)
... Hello, My name is lisa and I am also a college student and take adderall xr everyday. First I want to ask, how long have you been on the adderall? ... (7 replies)
... I just got prescribed Adderall XR. I expected a long lasting version of what I knew but was unpleasantly surprised. ... (1 replies)
... First of all, did you stop taking Adderall suddenly, or did you slowly wean off the drug? ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Adderall XR 40mg for a while now. The past month I have noticed that I am not able to focus like I used to on it. I feel blahh, like I have no feelings. I talked to my doctor today and he mentioned me getting on Straterra. ... (4 replies)

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