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... controller" part of the brain that's underactive in us, and in some people, the controller then quiets all the nine million thoughts that were keeping them from sleeping well before. Drowsiness follows. ... (15 replies)
... did not get out of the bed. My thoughts and reactions are slow and I feel like starring at the wall. Im trying not to go to sleep right now, Its as if I took sleeping pills. I know its a process, I quess Im just surprised that stimulants can make you sleepy. ... (15 replies)
... less anxiety and depression with the xr. Now i just want to sleep all the time. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, you are not wacky, keep taking the xr, it takes a couple of weeks to get used to it and stay intouch with your doctor. ... (15 replies)

... epy so much as the Prozac. Prozac helped with the deep dark thoughts of depression for me but it made me tired. I added Wellbutrin to help pick me up and noticed a difference within days. The Adderall should give you energy as well unless you are like me. ... (15 replies)
... i just started taking it yesterday and both yesterday and today iv been increasingly sleepy!. I also take 300mg wellbutrin, 40mg prozac, and .25mg of xanax. could these pills be increasing the drowsy factor? I need the adderall to give me the "umph" that iv lost since dealing with depression. Im afraid all of these pills might be canceling each other out. I take all of them in... (15 replies)
... You might need a different med, like Ritalin, or just a different dosing plan. It can take some experimentation. ... (15 replies)
... combining adderall and a high wellbutrin dosage can affect you like a large dose of "speed. ... (15 replies)
... i just switched from ritilan 60 mg a day to 60 mg adderall about two weeks ago. ... (15 replies)
... attenative ADD, Ive always knew I had something that wasn't right. I have been reading books to help me undersstand this. I was encouraged after meeting with a psychologist and a psyciatrist, thinking that meds would relieve me from years of inner confusion, self doubt and depression from this disorder. ... (15 replies)
... children meds. We tried elimination diets to see if Elijah had allergies. We do NOT feed our children fast food or frozen food. Here in Germany, these things are a lot more rare than in the US. ... (15 replies)
... If I'm reading your post right it sounds like you are having issues with sleeping a lot during the day as well as problems concentrating. ... (1 replies)
... so wellbutrin is for energy (15 replies)
... ritalin does that to me, too....but adderall kept me awake. it just depends on which one of the stimulants you're on. they all act differently... (15 replies)
... My daughter has this problem too! The Dr. declares that it is NOT the meds. It does not make sense that it is the medshe says. But after taking, 2 hrs later, she is sooooo sleepy. Help. She is really struggling is school but with meds, she is soooo sleepy. (15 replies)
... iv been taking wellbutrin for approx. 4 or 5 months. (15 replies)
... wow thanks i didnt know going to mention this sleepy thing to my doc. cause it happened today too. (15 replies)
... it is probably the depression medicine making you sleepy. And if the adderall isnt waking you and giving you your umph so far chances are it won't. I have noticed from my experience with addreall this is usually the strongest on the first day and then tapers of. (15 replies)
... :DThe Wellbutrin and Prozac may be making you sleepy, the xanax definatly does but you say you take it at night. I have heard of others getting sleepy on Adderral but my son did not experience that side effect. I hope everything works out for you. (15 replies)
... barely but the doc said try it, if only to help his self esteem, so we did. He is still shy but now the other kids do not make fun of him anymore so his life is a lot more pleasant, and he is an A student. ... (14 replies)
Do I have ADD?
Jan 9, 2006
... hter is going through. She is almost 20 and I think she has ADHD. I feel so bad for her and guilty at the same time that this was not noticed earlier. She was a model child, never hyper, always did her homework without asking and made straight A's until high school. ... (11 replies)

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