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... I have to preface this by saying, Gina, the safest thing for you to do if you have problems sleeping while taking Adderall is to stop the Adderall, not to add another drug. ... (5 replies)
Adderall worn off
Sep 24, 2010
... is still being made by Shire. Some people got switched to generic without realizing it and found it didn't work as well. When switching back to the Shire product, it can get expensive. ... (10 replies)
... Well I am now going to be 19 years old and I have been on aderall since I was just about 16. Although this is a different case i take a 25 mg pill, and that dose was moved down becuase when i started taking aderall i was taking a 40 mg pill. ... (9 replies)

Adderall Advice
Aug 6, 2007
... The Adderall is not a magic energy pill no matter how much we wish it were. I take 20 mg 2 x per day. Somedays it works better than others but that is the fibro and you have to remember that. ... (31 replies)
... How long is it safe to take an OTC sleep medication? I have thought about just taking a sleeping pill for a while (maybe a week or two) to try to re-adjust my schedule. Also, since I usually don't wake up until 10-10:30am, I have thought about setting an alarm around 8am to take the Adderall, then just going back to sleep for a while. I just hate to get out of bed for that,... (5 replies)
... ve neck under powered control center is overloaded by available energy. We talk too much, move too much, can't sit still, can't listen, can't control our energy. And sure as hell can't sleep. ... (2 replies)
... im a teenager and i just got on adderal xr 20mg and take 1 pill in the morning at like 8am. Only thing it does for me is make me feel like i did speed cause my hart races i get full of energy and get all hot and kind of swet. ... (9 replies)
... Now, what may be happening is that the medication wears off and he is too "hyper" to relax enough to go to sleep. ... (35 replies)
... focus being amAZINg... my concentration and mood and focus decreased A LOT... it coulda been due to the other 2394803 things going on in my life also... but the adderol didn't seem to help... ... (2 replies)
... I take the same prescribed dosage of adderall that you do, and I do not find it to high. ... (8 replies)
... months ago, my psychiatrist was asking me questions about how my prescription for Zoloft and Wellbutrin were going. I said they were going fine except that I was still having memory problems. ... (5 replies)
... I also started taking adderall xr yesterday, I was suprised at how it affected me. I am 42 and recently diagnosed will inattenative ADD, Ive always knew I had something that wasn't right. I have been reading books to help me undersstand this. ... (15 replies)
... don't mean to giggle at your post, but my wife bought me an anniversary card this year that was a guy opening the fridge, nothing but BUTTER all over the inside, and the caption says, "Hon, where's the butter? ... (7 replies)
... Smart thing to do. Listen to your Dr. although I don't think they have a clue as to how it actually feels being ADD. Like a dentist who removes all your teeth and puts false ones in and think you're all well. I've had several Dr's tell me about coming off ADD meds and the "bumpy ride" you have on several. ... (9 replies)
... I too suffer from some weight problems, exercise daily and have the added bonus of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. ... (4 replies)
... I was just switched to Vyvanse just yesterday and am starting out at 40mg. ... (1 replies)
... they told me to wacth for that and being sick at her stomache and not sleeping well that one won't be new..I wiss this was a pill I'd fee better starting her out slow but what do I know 10mg may be low..... ... (6 replies)
... who have trouble being fully awake are taking strattera and what it has been like for them? ... (2 replies)
... I have tourettes (tics) and have had it for about 2 years and throughout this time i have taken clonidine and it has helped me tremendously but if i dont take it my OCD and Tourettes really gets bad (3 replies)
... med route, but my son can not sit still enough to be in a classroom setting. So he is on 5 mg. of Adderall XR, he started stuttering and had been on 10 mg. of Adderall for 3 years prior, we cut it back to 5 mg. but his language teacher also started doing exercises with him so not sure which helped his stuttering did improve. ... (3 replies)

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