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... Some people with ADD get sleepy on stimulants. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I need some input. I am a 21 year old college senior, and last year I went to see one of my school's psychiatrist because I was having trouble focusing on my school work. ... (3 replies)
... I told Dr. all this and she put me on Adderall XR, 10 mg. I hate it. I took it for 3 days and became increasingly sleepy, dopey, frustrated and even depressed. I was also hungry all the time. ... (19 replies)

... Adderall ir focus effect only lasts me about two hours, if I'm lucky. My doctor added the adderall ir 10mg to my daily dosage to try and help combat the afternoon sleepiness I would get when I'd take my adderrall xr 30mg at 9am. ... (0 replies)
... hadone, 60mg. a day. It was then I "woke up" for the first time ever to see things in focus. I eventually got switched to Adderall, came off pain meds but stayed on Adderall, 30mg. twice daily. ... (8 replies)
... pm otherwise I am up all night, and I am dx with add. I don't think I ate very much for the first few months of being on adderall. check with your doc you might have anxiety. ... (19 replies)
... effects from it. My doctor then prescribed Adderall XR 20mg for me. ... (2 replies)
Adderall Advice
Aug 12, 2007
... I have been on it about that long also... I am on the XR form too. Do you mind me asking what other types of cocktails you are on. ... (31 replies)
Adderall Advice
Aug 11, 2007
... I've been on Adderall for ADD for about 2 years. I took the regular for about a year and a half and switched to the XR after that. ... (31 replies)
... I recently tried to switch from Adderall to Strattera. The directions were to take 40 mg for 4 days, then go up to 80. ... (5 replies)
... Well, I have been on Adderall for 5 days now. I am taking 10 mg. 3 x daily, and I haven't seen any improvement. ... (1 replies)
... I opinioned that ST22 wouldn't do well on wellbutrin. ... (35 replies)
... DThe Wellbutrin and Prozac may be making you sleepy, the xanax definatly does but you say you take it at night. I have heard of others getting sleepy on Adderral but my son did not experience that side effect. I hope everything works out for you. ... (15 replies)
... Hi im not on adderall but Ritalin 20 mgs-(10 mg/in am-)10 mg a few hrs later.. the first dose..makes me tired..the second dose-calms/and helps me focus. im also on zoloft and lorazapam-for PTSD/depression/panic disorder. I was wondering if anyone else is prescribed a benzo and stimulant.. Isn't that too much-up and down.. thank you.. goddessgrl :angel: (19 replies)
... My 5 year old was on adderall and tenex. He to could not relax and go to sleep. There were nights that he was still up at 2am. He also went through a phase that he was having nightmares. ... (5 replies)
... Some people with ADD get sleepy on stimulants. ... (15 replies)
... Irritability is probably one of the most common side effects of ADHD meds. Including the stimulants and strattera. Some people become sleepy on stimulants but that is seen more in those who have a problem with hyperactivity. ... (17 replies)
... I was never enamoured with Adderall, but the doctor got me to say that it helped a little, so I'm still on 10mg in the a.m. It also seems to exacerbate my OCD, so I'd just as soon not take it. ... (19 replies)
... I took Saturday and Sunday off and could barely stay awake both days. Adderall crash? ... (27 replies)
... I reread your thread starter after reading your post on "Mixing Adderall and Ritalin. ... (11 replies)

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