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... Well, I have not read the filling of this discussion -that is to say I have not read every reply to this post, but having read responses from the first page skipping to the last post I have to agree the topic switched gears. Psychology 101- for the answer I believe is the easy solution. (No disrespect to anyone who took the political route, or took the post deeper than maybe... (41 replies)
... I have also found that smoking helpd me focus better, as nictine is a stimulent and stimulents are used to treat ADHD. James (41 replies)
... I don't recommend it of course, but it's the "nicotine" which is similar in some ways as drugs like adderall, caffeine and even cocaine (not recommended or condoned for anyone). But similarly, it increases dopamine which causes pleasure and a feeling of well-being. It's actually considered a stimulant and a sedative. The effects of the "stimulant" part are immediate but not... (41 replies)

... t when im at home playing a game or doing something else i would always have a smoke in my hand and i would do everything better then without one. so imo i think smoking does help focus or at least some people. ... (41 replies)
... First congradulations on starting the proper treatment. Second don't get discouraged if Strattera doesn't work. It may or may not, and many people have to try more than one drug before they find one that works with their biochemistry. Unfortunately finding the right med and dose may take a little while, and the only way to find out currently is trial and error. No, AD/HD... (41 replies)
... Hi brainf0g, thanks for responding! I have been seeing a therapist for 6 wks and just got put on Strattera this Monday by a psychiatrist. So my days of self-medicating hopefully will end soon. I myself do not smoke pot. But in some AD/HD people it does help to slow their thought process down to a level of improved functionality. The ability to have a conversation with your... (41 replies)
... ithdrawal exhibits many of the same characteristics as ADD. To take away an ADDers 'medication' and simultaneously exacerbate their symptoms makes their quitting smoking process about 500 times more severe than many others. ... (41 replies)
... That's an excellent point and example for what not to do because of genetic evolution. The Aztecs and Mayans, genetically, have one of the highest substance abuse problems currently in society. (41 replies)
... Like it or not DV, all drugs have negative side effects including Adderall and Straterra. Adderall can cause dehydration, high blood pressure, tremors, headaches, heart, liver and kidney problems. Some of the long term effects are not even known. I already went into detail about the negative effects of straterra. I think you're absolutely wrong if you're implying... (41 replies)
... ok???? Weather it's nyquil or tylenol, billboards for liqour, cigarette ads every time you walk in the store, on tv, brittney spears smoking, janet jackson's boob, sex pop-ups on the internet, strattera commercials - any medium. You and your child and every other american are exposed to enough marketing to "get ideas planted in your head". And quite honestly i think its... (41 replies)
... thats a little rude. everyone has a drug of choice. whats yours? adderall? benadryl? xanax? you are apposed to smoking a little bit of a plant, but i'm sure you'd cram a fistful of psychoactive substances like amphetamines and prozac down you or your kid's throat if a doctor told you it was okay. get a grip. (41 replies)
... I actually have been smoking since the age of 14, so it is something that I have always had under control. I am now 35. ... (41 replies)
... I also wanted to add that smoking a cigarette helps calm my nerves when I am very worked up. ... (41 replies)
... school I ALWAYS had to have the TV on I HAD to have something to listen to while revising, something that'd distract part of my brain otherwise I just could NOT concentrate AT ALL. It used to drive my Mom nuts!!! ... (27 replies)
Is ADD a disorder?
Sep 28, 2005
... My ADD symptoms began in first grade. My earliest recollection was I could not do my homework. That is, I could not concentrate on it. Then, later, in class I would daydream endlessly. I love my parents. My mother has passed away, Dad is still living. ... (29 replies)
... Yeah very much so, although at work I already had this problem before, as I had repeately tried to cut down on smoking or even stop by not smoking during the day. ... (8 replies)
... Stimulants help most people concentrate better. So giving it a try and let's see what happens is no way to diagnose ADHD since ADHD has no bearing on whether anyone responds. ... (11 replies)
... I hardly had to concentrate or learn, I just picked it up on the go. ... (7 replies)
... Coffee reduces ADHD symptoms, and in fact many people rely on it instead of prescription medicines. So does smoking, though I certainly don't recommend smoking as a treatment. ... (4 replies)
... ard time getting into sex...and I do love to be close with my husband, so that is not a relationship issue. I know it's just me. My mind trails off and I can't concentrate on the moment. ... (5 replies)

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