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... mg and 10mg at night when he was studing for finals. Seemed to really help him concentrate. As far as social anxiety, I hate to say it but I have heard that smoking pot helps to relax and able to make it easier to listen to what is going on around you in a social situation. Hope this helps. ... (2 replies)
Mar 15, 2011
... I'll take my lumps as a parent and do eveything I can to help my son, but I'm not going to put up with a Freudian assessment that I'm the smoking gun. ... (27 replies)
... hat I have 3 months to clear up all the careless errors I make. During the past 5 years I know the errors have been a problem. but I feel as though I'm trying to concentrate to fix what I'm doing wrong, but then the next day, I have more errors. I'm the most scattered person I know. ... (4 replies)

... to refill my prescription. From what I read, these meds should relax me and think clearly, now the only way I can focus is through weed, since it allows me to concentrate only one thing at a time, what if he doesn't want to prescribe me meds? ... (11 replies)
... Nicotine increases the acetacholine ( sp?) in the brain, therefore increasing awareness. Too much nicotine can also have a boomerang effect much like caffeine ...too much coffe can make you very alert for awhile, then make you sleepy. (41 replies)
... the song goes "winston's taste good like a cigarette should... winston gives you full flavor full rich tobacco flavor the filter's e-z drawin' too; the filter's put the flaver through" (41 replies)
... i did not mean you personally ... (41 replies)
... Are you really that surprised that other visitors to this board, culled from all different walks of life and probably all over the country are going to have strong anti-illegal-drug opinions? IMO It's like a religious difference - it doesn't make for a productive debate here. Furthermore, pot is widely accepted as a particularly bad drug for ADDers. Apparently you did not... (41 replies)
... Try another day - this board is often much more open to dialogue than today's thuggish air would suggest. Glad I didn't bother you, but I just want to make something clear - I don't think its strong enough to see cigarettes as 'relaxing' - they need to be taken more seriously as they are a stimulant that 'works' just like ritalin, etc. Its important not to understate that... (41 replies)
... Sodawater, your post was not the problem. You are merely educating and I do appreciate and understand the sensations that the pot or cigarettes cause. My problem was with the thread started by AztecIndian and the way in which the use of his "drug of choice" comes across as being ok because he has ADD. My quarrel most definitely is not with anything you have said. I am... (41 replies)
... Adderall is a stimulant. Buy a triple Mocha at Starbucks and one will get a sense of what adderall is, it can be euphoric at times. Overall, it helps one keep awake and alert. ADD is closely related to sleep disorders and Narcolopsey, so it stands to reason one needs proper stimulation. I like the medication. No. It isn't weird. Strattera was awfull for me. (41 replies)
... What does the adderall do for you? How does it help? I'm VERY new to this.... I have gone through life just thinking I was a lazy, procrastinator that enjoyed drama and got bored easily... But I've now been officially diagnosed and have been given strattera... too scared to start taking it though... isn't that weird? I just don't know what it's going to do to me. I'e read... (41 replies)
... I smoke a little over a pack a day so I would say a half a pack a week is nothing. But it can escalate FAST so be careful. Have you gone to a doc? Have you thought about a medication or are you already on one? (41 replies)
... smaller amounts aren't as deadly but still will cause damage. We could justify smoking a few cigarettes occassionally as being safe but it's risky just the same to our lungs. Time will tell. ... (149 replies)
Jun 20, 2001
... my ability to concentrate got worse when i gave up smoking and nicotine. ... (4 replies)

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