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... Smoking helps rob your brain of oxygen. I don't see that smoking, in the long run, will help anything. ... (41 replies)
... s have really improved. You will need to find out what works best for you. Everyone is different. Your doctor will monitor you and will probably start you off with a low dose and raise it slowly until it is the right does for you. My older son was diagnosed with ADD in college. ... (2 replies)
... e you think that a stimulant is a stimulant all one in the same. Well, your in for a survival trip, and not to mention addiction, and all the attributes that go with this plague. As previously detailed by my fellow board members. ... (41 replies)

... Hi - I can emphathize with you because I have also been told (only by my daughter) that I have AADD (Adult). If I were you, I would seriously consider stopping the amphetamines. I, too, tried those a long time ago before they were considered to be habit-forming. At first, I had lots of energy, but then I started thinking that I needed them to have any energy or desire to... (1 replies)
... HD medication currently going through clinical trials that work with the nicotinic receptors in the brain. The bad part about nicotine is the method in which it gets in ones' system. ... (10 replies)
... HDers already have low activity in the prefrontal cortex, by smoking weed you are decreasing the already low activity you have, even more. ... (41 replies)
... Howdy, Im new to ADD and new to the Board. I guess I picked a heckuva thread to start on but here I go. We have all seen the smoke filled rooms of AA meetings in movies right? ... (41 replies)
... I think there is something seriously wrong with me! As a child I was diagnosed with dyslectic and I think ADD. They put me in a special school but my mom never really talked to me bout why? ... (7 replies)
Is ADD a disorder?
Sep 28, 2005
... This is not easy. As little as two years ago it would have been impossible. Men have a major problem with expressing feelings. It is not masculine. ... (29 replies)
... Exactly. There is ADD with and with out hyperactivity. ... (6 replies)
... My nephew is on concerta an there is also ridilon for add an adhd. He also takes clonidine for sleeping because the other meds kept him up. ... (7 replies)
... I moved back in with my parents to help them out. Four months into it they sat me down and had a serious talk with me. They were concerned because I am always doing at least 7 things at one time. I walk around always in a hurry BUT never accomplish anything. ... (1 replies)
... ment. Second don't get discouraged if Strattera doesn't work. It may or may not, and many people have to try more than one drug before they find one that works with their biochemistry. Unfortunately finding the right med and dose may take a little while, and the only way to find out currently is trial and error. ... (41 replies)
... HD people it does help to slow their thought process down to a level of improved functionality. The ability to have a conversation with your boss and actually be able to listen to him is a vital skill that not all ADDers posess. ... (41 replies)
... medicate" definitely a bad no worries. But I am more leaning towards ADHD with maybe a light stroke of psychotic tendencies. ... (17 replies)
... technical diversion on coffee and smoking. Each one of these drugs works on different brain systems. Coffee works on a system called "the adenosine system". And smoking works on the "acetylcholine system". Strattera works on the "norepinephrine system". Each of these has different roles and purposes in the working brain. ... (18 replies)
Just a thought
Jan 22, 2006
... Adderall is legal speed. Speed is an ampetamine, adderall is an ampetamine. Personally IMHO, it is an unhealthy drug with consequences(for brain and body) down the line even at theraputic doses. But aside from that, taking adderall does NOT make a person an addict. Addiction is when a person takes large doses to produce a certain feeling, like drunkeness or euphoric, manic... (2 replies)
... or just stop writing stuff down again after a few days. I do at least keep a document folder with my contracts, bills etc. ... (27 replies)
... I'm 34 and just a couple months ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD and have started Concerta and it seems to help. Not sure about the ADHD and why they just didn't say ADD cause there is nothing hyper about me. ... (0 replies)
Just a thought
Jan 17, 2006
... anyone ever considered that speed is illegal adderall. My thought on this is God gave us medications to treat certain physical and mental illness's. If adderall helps me with my ADD and nothing else does then whats wrong with that? ... (2 replies)

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