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... the term "high" is not accurate, it doesn't make you high and can in no way be compared with street speed since ritilan is not an amphetamene. It acts like a coffee buzz without the shakes and nervousness. It brings focus to studying and isn't good for much else. ... (17 replies)
... The point of snorting it would be to get quicker absorbtion thru the mucus membranes instead of waiting for it to dissolve in the stomach. ... (17 replies)
... Abuse of ADHD meds by kids: I know there is a big problem with kids abusing ritilan, I guess some snort it. What does it do to them if they do that and can the other meds, such as strattera and focalin, Concerta be abused in this way and give them the same high they are trying to get from ritilan. My son may be going on a med for adhd and I am worried which is the safest as... (17 replies)

... First off yes it's overblown, compared with street drugs etc. the amount of kids snorting Ritalin is negligible. ... (17 replies)
... Personally, the addiction concern does not worry me as much as the side effects which could be damaging to both the body (usually in the form of cardiovascular ills) or the mental (stimulants linked to eventual development of depression or manic-depression) and also the long-term effects of possible brain damage from downregulation of brain receptors that science knows occurs... (17 replies)
... Hi Lisa! My son has ADHD (as do I ) and possibly sensory integration dysfunction. I have been exploring the field of nutrition but am completely overwhelmed. My son is 4.5, non medicated. I am taking medication for bipolar and ADHD, and while they are helpful I truley want to keep them at the lowest dosage possible. Any suggestions? (17 replies)
... I used to know a lady who was addicted to ritalin...she would come to us with kids on it, and beg for it. It was speed for her. Of course she didn't take just one...she took 3-4 at a time. I must say, she is no longer around........passed away 2 years ago......heart attack!!!!!!!! It is addictive to the person taking it...........she would shake and feel miserable without and... (17 replies)
... i am sorry to say i just snorted riddlin like 5 seconds ago (yes i do have ADD, i need it, i have no inpuls controle, and im overly cureous) i dont feel any difent than when i take it normaly and this is and will be the only time i do this any one who does this either doesnt have ADD or they need there dosage downed and they obvously didnt notis that riddlin out of its... (17 replies)
... Absolutely it can create a psychological dependence, you need to feel that rush of dopamine, you need to feel up. In that sense anything CAN create a strong chemical bond with the person: a game, sex, skydiving, the internet, Television. But you can stop it without your body going into shock or your Blood Pressure and Heart rate going ballistic.All the bias in this thread can... (17 replies)
... Anything can be "addictive". You can't deny that certain people develope a strong psychological dependence to Ritalin. "More, Now, Again" is a good book by Elizabeth Wurtzel about her hopeless addiction to Ritalin and cocaine. Of course... that doesn't make Ritalin a "bad drug". It's all in how it's used. If people use Ritalin as their doctor prescribes it, then no... (17 replies)
... Addiction is a medical term, if you want to say it's fun then say fun. Ritalin is not addictive. The hysteria about ritalin is fueled by: A: Holistic loonies who think they can fix ADD with fish-oil. The religious right who think add is "demonic." B: The people who benifit from "The Drug War" who can't bear to admit a drug might actual help people. You've been lied to. (17 replies)
... i have a child with adhd shes five meds help her but i know a few highscool kids that take it and put it up ther nose. i know one thats out of control. it a drug its a controlled substance. to say that its not addication is crazy. any medi you crush and put is your nose can be a problem. and its bigger than you think. its often called wellfaire coke. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks Index, I was at the office and didn't have access to my research... Lisa and kids (17 replies)
... "Kiddy coke" is a derogatory term for Ritalin used by those who do not believe that children should be treated with stimulants. These individuals frequently do not even believe in the existence of ADHD. It is not a term that refers to addiction potential. We do have to accept that Ritalin can be, and is, abused. The fact is, though, that research has shown that... (17 replies)
... To Norat ~*~ How right you are... I don't come here often because the views can be very skewed on meds. and very often uninformed! :confused: For our family it is real, we treat not only ADD, but Epilepsy, Autism, and Sinsory Intergration Dysfunction with both diet control and meds. We spend tons of time on the research and in the pede neurologists office. We... (17 replies)
... Addication isn't even a real word ;) (17 replies)
... Who calls it kiddie coke? Who says it addictive? Please don't make such reckless statements without medical proof. Are you suggesting I'm addicted because I use Ritalin? Every single board is the same, the board says it's a "resource for people with ADD" but it always ends up a board where non-add people come to rag on our meds. (17 replies)
... addication is real i know they call it kiddy coke (17 replies)

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