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... Your words I put in bold sound like Ritalin is worsening a preexisting condition. It is not at all uncommon for ADHD to coexist with other disorders. ... (16 replies)
Ritalin and DLPA
Dec 8, 2005
... Before starting Ritalin I had been taking 1500 mg of DLPA every morning. With the more pronounced effects of the Ritalin I wondered to what degree the DLPA had been a placebo effect. ... (1 replies)
... I have noticed that since my DS age 8 has been taking Ritalin 5mg that he has improved in his teachers eyes. I have also noticed that home life has gotten worse in many ways. ... (15 replies)

... I no longer chew on my tongue. I would bite it til it bled EVERY stinking night!!! That stopped after starting ritalin. ... (10 replies)
... Has anyone found that a side effect of Ritalin is having suicidal thoughts throughout the day? ... (16 replies)
... If he's only been weepy since starting Ritalin, I'd have to weigh very heavily in my mind whether he is better off without a stimulant at all rather than giving him a stimulant AND an antidepressant. ... (30 replies)
... The first psychiatrist that I tried to get a Ritalin prescription from looked at me in a worried way and said something like "you're addicted and we have to wean you off this horrible drug. ... (2 replies)
... you have nothing to worry about except the very small possibility of showing up as false positive for meth or amphetamines. ritalin is something that has to be tested for individually and will not show up on any standard urine drug screen. ... (20 replies)
... I took ritalin starting when i was 7, and stopped taking it when i was 13. ... (19 replies)
... yone is different and responds differently to meds. I was on adderallxr 30 mg for 2 weeks, and it made me feel "abnormal" and prior to that I was taking generic ritalin 10mg 3 times a day and I felt more focused and normal. ... (7 replies)
... Ritalin or not. Too much Ritalin feels the same as too much coffee, it's not pleasant. Despite all the Ritalin haters around here it's not an amphetamine, it can only go so far and do so much and I think that's good. ... (3 replies)
... Recently, about two weeks ago, I started taking 10 MG of Ritalin again, twice a day. ... (2 replies)
... ADHD specialist and he prescribed Ritalin starting with 10mg 3x a day and then increased to 15mg, 20mg, 30mg. ... (0 replies)
... so I'm starting on it tomorrow. One thing that my Dr. talked to me about is an alternative drug that, if the Ritalin works, would be better for me. The issue is that it takes a couple of weeks to really take affect. ... (5 replies)
... a random test at this time, now I am a detective doing cases and I am having a hard time organizing and writing reports. My co workers are noticing and some are starting to think I am stupid. I am not on Ritalin and because I didn't get tested when I used 5 months back I got lucky. ... (20 replies)
Ritalin LA
Jan 13, 2012
... Starting a new thread as my other one was getting too long and old. update: New to ADD meds Nov. (2011) Ritalin reg. 4 hr pill 10mg or 20 mg worked well but of course not long lasting and to second dose later in day was less effective Dec. (2011) Adderall 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg didn't matter every other day was good/bad and... (5 replies)
... I was starting to feel too stressed out that I couldn't, didn't want to function again , like I was worse than not being on meds... ... (44 replies)
... and he had been quite disorganized since school started this year. His doctor changed him to the regular fast acting Ritalin twice a day for a month to see how that worked for him. He seemed to do better during that month but there was some room for improvement. ... (3 replies)
Ritalin Withdrawal
Jul 27, 2007
... Hi everyone. I'm and my ADD is only in concentration. It's hard to concentrate in school, as well as read books. I also have trouble starting school work or projects at home and put it off to the last minute. I have no depression symptoms and am not hyperactive. ... (0 replies)
Ritalin LA
Mar 11, 2005
... Maybe 10 is like 36 mg of concerta for me. I just dont have a clue. You may want a higher doseage....but someone may know more about ritalin even though I'm taking concerta which is similar but not the same. hope it all works out! ... (1 replies)

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