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... Stimulant tolerance does happen in some individuals. It could be related to the dose or ones' biology. ... (16 replies)
... ADHD stimulant drugs such as adderall, vyvanse, etc. We all know that the dose you started out on doesn't work forever. ... (2 replies)
... Does one develop a tolerance to ritalin to where its efficacy is diminished? ... (4 replies)

... opamine makes it a strong option. I'm having incredible success with it and Adderall, though it's too early to tell if it will work long term or if I'll develop tolerance like I have with everything else. ... (12 replies)
... mg is a rather low dose of Adderall. Stimulant dosing for individuals with ADHD covers a wide range, and there is no hard and fast answer as to how much is the right amount. ... (1 replies)
... Its funny how it only lasted about seven for me. I honestly just dont think Vyvanse was the right thing for me so I wouldn't go back to it. Are there any other stimulant meds that byou'd recomend for me bob? ... (6 replies)
... JM, Your body may have learned to efficiently eliminate a poison similar to Cocaine. Many people go 6 or 7 years before becoming tolerate. How long was your Cocaine abuse? Your doctor may have to up the dose of the Adderall or add other medications to compensate. Did you tell your doctor about the Cocaine? Your doctor needs to know to treat you effectively. Try... (6 replies)
... Our bodies tend to reset pretty quickly to stimulant tolerance. ... (1 replies)
... This is the downregualtion of brain receptors that can gradually occur when certain receptors are artificially and sometimes overstimulated with chemicals. Downregulation is a desensitization or sometimes cell death of those receptors. This is what most call tolerance. Higher doses or sometimes different drugs may help but the same cycle can continue intil one may reach the... (16 replies)
... to screen the stimuli more effectively, resulting in a less harried state overall. So, when someone watches you on the stimulant, they form the opinion that the stimulant calmed you, when in fact, it did the opposite. So I suppose one would call the Paradoxical Effect an observed effect, as opposed to an actual effect. ... (5 replies)
... In adults, there is no room for a paradoxical effect. The stimulant stumulates, which is what we need. ... (5 replies)
... any of the side effects you mention, the jitters, the anger, the short temper, tend to be associated more strongly with Adderall than with many of the other ADHD stimulant medications. ... (3 replies)
... is a problem every human has with or without ADHD. I do not like the idea of using stimulant medications. The "why" is purely emotional. I can't break the gut level feeling link between the therapeutic use of amphetamines with the abuse of amphetamines. ... (51 replies)
... Tolerance to stimulant meds is a reality. However, I apparently have learned how to, if not eliminate tolerance altogether, at least slow its progress. ... (14 replies)
... The reason your doctors and pharmacist are unspecific regarding the tolerance issue is that there is no established rules in this regard. ... (19 replies)
... The proper way to start any stimulant medication is with the minimum dosage, which with Concerta is 18mg. Your doctor should have started you there and worked up slowly. ... (3 replies)
... First off all, I've seen some of your posts and was really hoping you might add your 'two cents'... :) Thank you so much for your added insight--I've been lost in the sea of "stuff" about ad/hd, it's nice to read something that is straight-forward and based on more than opinion. I'm fairly interested in finding out about stimulants because I'm unable to cope with... (5 replies)
... and are taking a stimulant for ADHD control, do you periodically take days off from the stimulant med? ... (1 replies)
... Now, let me ask you this, why are you not open to trying strattera yet you gave your child ritalin and other stimulant medications that are related to cocaine and meth amphetamines? ... (4 replies)
... First off ADDERAL is a "Stimulant." Some people refer to it as "Government controlled speed" as it is a stimulant, possesing stimulant compounds. It is very effective in people with ADD, and ADHD. It also is used in people with narcolepsy, and not as often in Depression, and weight loss. ... (14 replies)

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