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... Knowing what stimulants do to the brain, perhaps this is something to think about, isn't it? ... (30 replies)
... Stimulants can give you antidepressant effects, and are considered for depression in cases that front line antidepressant options don't work. The concern with using stimulants alone is that they have the potential to worsen anxiety. ... (4 replies)
... medication at all, but well, what do you do when you have these things. I know the Wellbutrin helps me, but I'm still trying to decide if the Adderall does much for me. I wish I wouldn't have to take a stimulant medication because I also have Tourette Syndrome, and when I take the Adderall it seems to make the tics worse. ... (11 replies)

... wellbutrin has been used in children and adults with ADD for a while...i consider straterra to be worse than both wellbutrin and the stimulants such as dexedrine and adderall.. ... (5 replies)
... new to the boards I was hoping I could get some insights about ADHD and meds that are used to treat them. I was diagonosed about four or five months ago. I went for all the testing and therapy My file was very thourough and so were the recommendations of the neuropsychologist. ... (5 replies)
... nighters and giving it to friends. Not a bad kid, this is the norm in college these days. The doctor offered an alternative for us to consider and I am sorry, but the name slips my mind. It is a cognitive drug given to Cemo patients that clears the mind and helps with concentration. ... (3 replies)
... that many seniors are given ritalin for cognitive problems and for depression. Tell your MD or Psychiatrist about your difficulties. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 51, but had cognitive problems all my life. ... (2 replies)
... too. But what I am saying is true too. and for a young girl to weigh that much already is not good either it might be from all the meds maybe she only needs one for add or adhd and one for the depression it just seems that all they want to do these with young children is give them alot of meds which is not good. ... (5 replies)
... He has been diagnosed with OCD, Anxiety, and ADD. He had the Brown Scales battery of tests done and he has the same outcome off meds and he does on meds. The psychologist said that it appears he has little stimulation going on in the frontal lobe. His work at school is very much affected. He doesn't come to class prepared. He's left books all around the school. He... (13 replies)
... not bother working for school. ... (13 replies)
... The two years following my diagnosis was very difficult for me med wise. I must take part of the blame. ... (11 replies)
... ior to that, I was given the diagnosis of ADD 314.00, in June of 1994, and, took, either brand Norvartis Ritalin 20mg, on arising AM hrs, and, 20 mg after lunch, for the first two years, DX was made by a Psychiatrist my age 44 in 1994. ... (6 replies)
... I am taking a lot of Adderall. I feel great, mostly. For the first time in my life I can sit still without bouncing my leg madly up and down, sometimes causing the whole room seemingly to vibrate. ... (3 replies)
Add and depression
Feb 29, 2008
... I went to the doc yesterday and was put on ritalin. I also have some depression. I have alot of anxiety but we are not sure if ADD is causing that or vise versa. Depression can definately cause concentration and memory trouble but it is possible to have both. My ADD symptoms have gotten really bad lately. ... (3 replies)
... I have a long history of acute depression starting back from around the age of 21. I suffer from paranoid delusions, sometimes for months on end without respite. ... (1 replies)
... Sometimes stimulants can make depression worse. Usually stimulants are not prescribed for depression. If your concentration problems are due to depression then you need to be on a treatment specifically for depression... either an anti depressant medication or some sort of alternative treatment. ... (3 replies)
... this, after all, who am I to second guess my Psychologist, after all, he is the doctor. So I took this information to my family doctor who started me on Celexa for depression, and at my insistence, dexedrine for ADHD. What followed were the darkest six weeks of my life. ... (5 replies)
... The risk of addiction from the stimulants really is small. ... (13 replies)
... Prozac maynot be in the same catagory as stimulants but if you do your research you will find that it is basically legal speed. The kids at school trade it around for that effect. ... (28 replies)
... Either of these will help with the 'get up and go' as will any stimulant. Both can be used as second line treatments for depression, which means they're generally considered only if SSRIs are ineffective. ... (2 replies)

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