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... I understand that adderall can cause nausea. But can stopping adderall usage cause nausia as well? ... (3 replies)
... I began to notice ringing in my ears shortly after starting adderall 10 mg twice daily for adult ADD. ... (2 replies)
Stopping Adderall
Nov 30, 2014
... After 10 months my son has decided to stop taking Adderall - he was on 10 mg once a day then 15 mg once a day but never more than 15 mg a day. Last 4 days of taking he was on 10mg - what might some possible withdrawals be that we should be aware of? TY Kaya (1 replies)

... I dont think i have ADD, i think im just dumb.:dizzy: (9 replies)
... star,if I were you I'd seriously consider stopping Adderall now. Obviously, you are having severe adverse effects which could lead to mental illness. ... (9 replies)
Stopping adderall
Jun 25, 2003
... I started Adderall one year ago. Has anyone stopped taking it and returned? ... (3 replies)
... What was your son's Adderall dose when he decided to quit? ... (7 replies)
... I am 31 and so far I have tried adderall XL and strattera. I tried stopping strattera over the weekend and my sweating problem got much better, but in return I am tired all the time. ... (3 replies)
Adderall & Xanax
Oct 16, 2007
... okay, Im the right guy to answer your question. I did it for eight years. Adderall in the day and ativan at night. DONT DO IT. It will catch up with you. DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO BENZOS!!! Coming off benzos is the worst hell there is. ... (1 replies)
... What you experienced are classic panic attack symptoms. I highly doubt the Adderall had anything to do with your alarmingly heightened blood pressure. Seeing that you have anxiety, stimulants are probably not your best option for ADD treatment. ... (6 replies)
... I have stopped taking my adderall for a week now and other than feeling tired and like my brain is in a fog I feel ok. I wanted to stop taking adderall every day because that just was not working out for me. I posted before about all that if u look at them you will get the story. ... (15 replies)
Adderall dosage
Oct 18, 2007
... I am one of those people who takes 60mg of adderall a day. In probably the majority of medical publications I have seen and that are out there 30mg a day is listed as the highest standard dose. ... (3 replies)
... I was on zoloft (for panic) for 2 years (50-100mg) prescribed by my internist. Beginning of January, I found a psychiatrist and told him that I wanted to get off of Zoloft because it was causing me sever night sweats, too vivid dreams and affecting my orgasms. He suggested to try Wellbutrin, but since it isnít known for helping anxiety Ė he suggested taking clonazepam too... (3 replies)
... my 4 yr old is diagnosed ADD and anxiety... we started adderall xr last month and the first day was awful.... i was determined, so i stuck with it and the first week of the meds was great! ... (0 replies)
... what was your dosage on adderall xr? ... (6 replies)
... you might need to get revaluated for bipolar disorder.I have it and you do signs of it. Look up the symptoms.Myself i have biopolar adhd and ocd and doing very good on the meds. (4 replies)
... hi, i currently just got perscribed to zoloft due to anxiety and depression. 2 years ago i used to be on adderall and lost a lot of weight, down to 115. ... (4 replies)
Aug 14, 2004
... Has anyone here been on adderall for 6 months or over or so and then quit for whatever reason and not started any other related medications? ... (2 replies)
... Don't take adderall or let anyone you know take has had horrible effects on me.... ... (2 replies)
... Also, Adderall gives me rather significant underarm sweating, to put it nicely. ... (4 replies)

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