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... I'm going to be difficult and ask a couple of more questions. ... (7 replies)
Adderall & Xanax
Oct 16, 2007
... okay, Im the right guy to answer your question. I did it for eight years. Adderall in the day and ativan at night. DONT DO IT. It will catch up with you. DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO BENZOS!!! Coming off benzos is the worst hell there is. ... (1 replies)
Mar 16, 2011
... I too would worry myself sick over ADHD medications being given to a child. Let's again go to the facts strongly supported by evidence gained over the past 40 years through many case histories and scientific studies. Stimulant medications are among the safest meds prescribed for children. ... (27 replies)

... Adderall is a mix of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine and affects the neurotransmitters dopamine, seratonin, and norepinephrine, by blocking the reuptake of those neurotransmitters. Thus, it acts on the receptors for those neurotransmitters. ... (3 replies)
... For the past 11 years I had consistently taken 7 dexad. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the feedback! I feel a little better now, knowing I'm not alone in this. ... (3 replies)
... That's a little worse than I'd expect to see as a side effect. I would discuss with your doctor the possibility of stopping the drug to see if it goes away, and, if it doesn't, figure out why it's happening. ... (3 replies)
... Ok I have had it with this medicine! The side effects are now so annoying that I have made an appt to see my Dr Tommorrow. I have taken Strattera for 3 months now and the daily clear thinking is gone. ... (3 replies)
... First thing I would say is you should check with your doctor before stopping or changing any of your meds. ... (1 replies)
... I have stopped taking my adderall for a week now and other than feeling tired and like my brain is in a fog I feel ok. I wanted to stop taking adderall every day because that just was not working out for me. I posted before about all that if u look at them you will get the story. ... (15 replies)
... I began to notice ringing in my ears shortly after starting adderall 10 mg twice daily for adult ADD. ... (2 replies)
... Our 13 year old daughter was placed on Adderall when she was 10. ... (0 replies)
... I'm a 31yo guy, and I tried Strattera but quit after two weeks because of daytime sleepiness. ... (1 replies)
... Well I beleive what prevents the last part of your post about doctors determining whether or not you have a mental illness is they do an evaluation. ... (29 replies)
... compulsive activities, insomnia, agitation, hypomania and mania. Hypomania is a milder form of mania. ... (30 replies)
Meds not working
Apr 3, 2003
... Hi. I'm a first time poster. The reason I post is because I've searched the internet for many months looking for people with the similar problem with no results. This is a problem I and my doctor are working on but have run out of solutions. ... (1 replies)
... Were you on the same dose for that period of time? ... (3 replies)
... I was the one who cross posted the quote about strattera that is posted again by criterioncollection. ... (128 replies)
... (4 replies)
... through Ritalin, Vyvnase, and Concerta. None of those others had any effect either, which is why I gave up. I am male, 50, 5'8", and at 270lbs I'm a big guy. ... (4 replies)

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