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ADHD, ODD Daughter
Nov 15, 2003
... My daughter, who's under 10, was dia. ADHD a few yrs ago. She has been on Ritalin with some sucess. However, she has become very defiant & will not mind anyone else but me. She is getting into a lot of trouble at school & she had to be physically restrained yesterday. I have taken her to counseling & she's now on her 2nd psycologist. They all want her off the Ritalin. They... (2 replies)
Oct 16, 2003
... I'm an adult who takes Stratera and my son takes Concerta. I wonder does BeCalmd work with Adults? ... (47 replies)
... and all the syptoms went away. I am contemplating dropping the stratera but I don't want to unless I have to. ... (128 replies)

... I am 24 and been on stratera for a two months now. I suddenly had the same side effect as some have explained. ... (128 replies)
... It is really GREAT that you guys are willing to share your stories. Especially when they are so personal. I myself am not ADD, however, my spouse was diagnosed over 2 years ago. He hae been on all kinds of meds from Zoloft to Welbutrin. Now he is on Stratera. Our sexual life has not been good at all since the Stratera, in all honesty it has been non existent. We are... (128 replies)
... i know that there are drugs for ADD, and wondered what others' experience with them is -- i'm thinking adderal, concerta, stratera, wellbutrin ... my husband went to our GP last week, and the GP just said "take more wellbutrin", which he is already on (obviously), and more just gives him the shakes (he was on more for depression, and reduced the dose because of this... (0 replies)
... Well thanks for replying. I have thought about Stratera but everything I seem to hear about it is bad. I have heard that it will be ok and then a couple of months later you will get bad side affects. ... (5 replies)
... all day. Anyway, my doctor said that I need to try another ADD medicine like Stratera since my body has got used to the Adderall. I don't want to be on Stratera, I want to be on Adderall but I want the effects like I had at the beginning. ... (14 replies)
Feb 24, 2003
... and Stratera sounds like a good option for mental well being and add. Anyone have any input? ... (152 replies)
Mar 14, 2012
... MY 15 years old son is on trileptal 150 and he was diagnosed with adhd, he was on stratera and then concerta but now he is on trileptal for nearly 4 months now but today he had a seizure and i am worried. Does this is one of trileptal side effects. ... (0 replies)
... I got off the Stratera because it failed to help my ADD much at all. When I went back to the dr. ... (3 replies)
... I had the same issue with the insurance company. My doc had to do some additional paperwork, but now I'm approved for a year. I'm a college student also - but a few years (ahem..) older. I had the exact same problems. Worked my butt off, read the same stuff over & over & didn't retain it. I thought it was hormones. Saw my doc & he prescribed adderall. I've tried the... (18 replies)
... doc can't give me anything for add except maybe stratera because it's a county facility. What should I do? ... (1 replies)
... I did finally get it. It is making a very big difference. I have been out of school since I received my prescription, so I don't know how its going to work in school. It is working very well when I am at work, but also my job does not take a lot of thought process either, so I really can't say whether it is doing what I hope for or not. (18 replies)
... Because adderall is only for children?:dizzy: What the heck is up with your insurance??? Did you get that resolved? Keep on them and make them cover it! They will give in eventually. Insurance companies, in general, just hope you'll give up and go away.... and most people do.... but if you keep calling and demanding that someone help you, you'll eventually get through to... (18 replies)
... Sorry to come so late to the party, but I thought I'd chime in with my own Strattera experience. I recently dropped out of a study that used Strattera to treat ADHD and I can tell you that my side effects were similar to yours, but perhaps more extreme. From the day I started the Strattera I was extremely sleepy all the time, to the point that I would doze uncontrollably... (18 replies)
... Ah gotta love insurance. Went to go pick up my prescription, and they don't want to cover it because I'm over 18! (18 replies)
... Cool, well I will probably just take weekends off then. As for the doc, yeah, I'd have some fun (18 replies)
... Is doc hot? :D If you can do it, taking a day off a week is a good idea. You'll get better mileage out of the medication in the long run. Now, I got to take my own advice and focus on the priority task at hand - work. Later, Bob (18 replies)
... Thanks for the tip, I will start doing that as soon as my prescription gets filled. Do you think I should take it 7 days a week, or take Sundays off, since that is my relax day? As a matter of fact I don't think she is. (18 replies)

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