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... unteng, Let me congratulate you for handling your situation in a mature, professional manner. I apologize for prematurely and prejudicially throwing your fine physician into my bozo bucket. For the next six weeks keep a journal and a daily graph that displays how you are responding to Adderall. Use two lines. One to display relative difficulty to concentrate on the... (18 replies)
... Well I went in for my apt today, and she asked me how the strattera was working. I explained to her how tired and anti productive it made me. So she asked me if I wanted to try adderall. Figures I get it once school is out, but I start summer classes in 3 weeks, so I will see get to see how it goes then. Thanks for all the help! (18 replies)
... unteng, It is unfortunate that you must do the legwork then beg your physician to do her job. That is the way it is. Yes, making a list will help. Oh my, though, erudite doctors don't like self-diagnosis so be careful with the on-line test results. Bob (18 replies)

... There is no way I would disrespect a doctors knowledge like that. They have WAY more education in their field than I have, or ever will or want to have. As for having someone to talk to about it, I really don't have anybody except friends. I would love to look into counseling and not have to take any medications one day, but for right now, I need something that can help me... (18 replies)
... It is very hard for me to think something and NOT say it. I flamed one bozo to black ashes. I THINK I reget it. :mad: unteng, Do as Jane says and not as I do. You never know when you may need the dumb, stupid, ignorant, bozo again. Really, seriously, Jane is right. Always is. Bob (18 replies)
... It is very very common for bright children with inattentive ADD to go undiagnosed well into adulthood. If your doctor doesn't know that much, then I agree you need a new one. Asking your current doc for a referral is a good way to find one, also. Be polite, just say that you want to talk to someone who can test you for ADD. Don't burn bridges by saying something like,... (18 replies)
... Bob, I completely agree with you. I did not feel depressed at all when I went in to talk to the doctor about this. After she started putting me on al sorts of anti-depressants I began feeling depressed and felt like I was on my own in the world. One thing she did say was that if I had innatentive ADHD, I would have been tested a long time ago. But I never had a reason to think... (18 replies)
... Want to get more depressed? The U.S. has the highest medical costs in the world but not the best medical care. How bad is our medical care? Most medical studies have found that doctors don't order appropriate tests or perscribe appropriate drugs or even deliver appropriate care about 50% of the time. 10% to 20% of those who go to their PCP for ADHD like symptoms... (18 replies)
... Simple enough, thanks. (18 replies)
... Start off with, "Look, the Strattera isn't working. I've given it a good long trial, and I'm clearly doing worse on it than before." Mention specific problems that you have. Do you sit down to work, and then realize an hour later you've gotten almost nothing done? Do you find it difficult to listen to lectures, even when you try hard to focus? Then, finally say you'd... (18 replies)
... i took stratera when i was 11 and it gave me really bad heart problems o. ... (3 replies)
... oh man stratera...i took it for a while...i dont think thats one of the side affects...but be careful with it because it made me all wacked out...i got off of it within 2 weeks of starting it (3 replies)
Question on Meds
Jan 22, 2009
... well i saw my dr first then they told me to see a psycologist when i got diagnosed with ADD when i was 19, im 20 now....they gave me stratera which helps with ADD and ADHD, so it really calmed me down but i didnt have ADHD so i didnt feel like myself... ... (2 replies)
Jun 23, 2008
... I'm 24 and I was formaly diagnosed with ADD about 2 or 3 months ago, but I still feel spaced out. I tried Stratera with no results. I'm on Daytrana right now and it's helping a little, but I think the dosage needs to be adjusted. ... (7 replies)
... Bob---Thank you so much for your info :) My son was evaluatd for a week thru the school and adhd tested, that is how we have came back to the merry go round of the right meds again :(. He has not been on anything since oct 07. I have read nothing good about stratera, so I beleive we are going with the vyvanse, even tho I do not want him on anything, I know he is add/adhd all... (7 replies)
Nov 5, 2007
... Murphy's law being what it is dictates that side effects are immediate. Efficacy for Stratera varies from person to person. ... (5 replies)
... I have adult add as well. I found stratera works well for me. I like it because it's not a narcotic. I dunno, maybe ask ur psych about it or check it out. ... (3 replies)
May 14, 2007
... my son was on Strattera for a little while. seemed to work in the beginning, but then it quit working. so he was taken off of it. He's now on Abilify. (5 replies)
May 13, 2007
... It was horrible for me.. I got very sick, and very depressed. Worst medicine Ive ever taken. (5 replies)
May 11, 2007
... Hi, I was diagnosed in 1995 after I went to an audiologist for a hearing test because my partner was complaining that I didn't seem to hear him and I was having trouble in a new career ] when there were any kind of distractions (noise outside, etc.). My doc at the time had the same reaction as yours - "you have a history of addiction (to amphetimine, among other things), so... (5 replies)

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