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Mar 13, 2007
... okay I'm guessing you want a true answer right, well what ever you do don't take it, It made me sick, the side effects were offle, I was never hugry and felt tird all the time, and my pooples in my eyes were really huge. I remember being at my grandma's and her rubbing my back and asking what was wrong, then she looked into my eyes and was like What's it wrong with your... (5 replies)
Mar 11, 2007
... I took Strattera for 3 weeks, and had to stop. I forgot everything, felt terrible, and had extreme mood swings. My doc didn't want me to take any controlled substances either. In my opinion if it helps I would rather take it. When you mentioned that you were an addict, it made me wonder. Maybe it would be much safer to take a controlled substance monitored by a doc, then... (5 replies)
... ritalin comes in different packages. I have taken the 4 hour dose, but there is an all day type dose. You'll need to know which one you have, so that it can be given at the correct time. But, beside that, you should contact your doctor's office and let them know what is going on. This sounds like a side-effect, but I do not know enough about it. As for the ADD, I was... (4 replies)

... right now my son is not on any medicines he was having bad stomtch from stratera but hes not on it now i took him back to docter last week and she refered me to take him to a behavirol specialist. ... (5 replies)
... I had the same problem with stratera, but have been on Adderall for a couple years now and it works great without the bp problem, at least for me. Everyone is different, but usually with these medss you know within a week or two if you get side affects and you can just stop them so I thinkk it's worth a try. (2 replies)
New on Stratera
Jul 14, 2006
... Oh no! I hate to read bad things about this drug.This is my 12 years olds 2nd day on it. I hope this one works. Addrell, dex,and concerta all gave her very bad mood, swings. (5 replies)
New on Stratera
Jul 10, 2006
... Then I would quit them IMHO. Strattera, although not classed as a stimulant drug, has a very stimulating effect, running the nervous system too high thus tiring it out causing both fatigue and sleep problems like insomnia. It is an antidepressant by definition, meant to stimulate very depressed people to get up and move. (5 replies)
Hyper and Angry
Jul 10, 2006
... The meds are already in his system that long and are "working". They are very stimulating, this can bring on irritation and even euphoric-like feelings that would make him feel like he will be able to stand up to anyone or anything; but at the same time it works his nervous system too much and it becomes very irritating and eventually tiring to most children. Most stimulating... (11 replies)
Hyper and Angry
Jul 3, 2006
... My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD. He started on Stratera about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it's been a long and bumpy road. He is extremely hyper (won't go to sleep until 2 or 3 am.) He is also very angry and is having outbursts that he never had before. It seems that he thinks he can do anything. I haven't changed his discipline measures and am feeling lost. ... (11 replies)
New on Stratera
Jul 3, 2006
... This is my son's 3rd week and it's still very rough. He is extremely hyper and doesn't sleep. He is now on 25mg and are thinking of raising him to a higher amount. It's to the point right now that he is almost worse then he was before he started the meds. (5 replies)
New on Stratera
Jul 2, 2006
... All I can tell you is it made me edgy at times, especially when it frist kicks in in the morning. I found doing the 40 was as good as doing 40x2 as recommended. But that's me at my age. (5 replies)
... My little girl is 12 and has ADD NOT ADHD. She just cant concentrate at all. She is on Adderol and is doing well on it. She was on Stratera but that made her way to sleepy. She has not got sick like you son has. I would stay in close contact with your DR. Good luck. ... (5 replies)
... I haven't tried reading to him, but I will try, I know he enjoys reading to himself. (11 replies)
... Thank you. I haven't used the melantonin since the first night but I am considering it again, since he wakes up with tiny red bags under his eyes. He also started pulling his hair out in school, I am going to post this on another thread hoping to get some answers as to why someone would do this. (11 replies)
... this may sound a bit hokey, but have you tried reading to him? my daughter had the devil's own time sleeping. one of the things that worked best was i would read to her but keep my voice in a perfectly steady monotone pitched slightly lower and slightly quieter than my normal speaking voice. this forced her to quiet down so she could hear what was going on and i guess... (11 replies)
... Actually and ironically, withdrawal syndromes usually consist of either insomnia or oversleeping or varies. So when his meds wear off, it could be a withdrawal symptom occuring. When a stimulant-dependent individual abstains from stimulant use, withdrawal symptoms, including depression, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite can occur. Sleep disturbances... (11 replies)
... My son is on Melatonin for sleep issues. He has had sleep problems for years. I used to think it was only due to his medication and so did his doctors...SO what they did was move up his last medication so that he takes it no later than 1. He still has sleep issues and needs medication to help him sleep. Now it is because (I think) at night all his meds have worn off and... (11 replies)
... It's sad we don't have a better system here in the US for people on prescription meds. My own parents struggle with meds too for blood pressure and glaucoma as they are expensive too. Risperdal is an antipsychotic, a major downer of sorts. It's used off-label for anxiety and sleep issues. It can have major side effects like Tardive Dyskinesia and diabetes, keep in mind side... (11 replies)
... My son also has sleep problems which I'm sure are due to the medication he is on. I have considered melatonin too, but reading the bottle scares me as it says it's not recommended for children. I'm just always afraid of doing more harm than good with all these medications. I wish I had answers for you, I know how tough it is sometimes. I can only imagine how much more... (11 replies)
... Weening him off risperdal isn't an option since she ran out of the medication and cannot afford to replace both medications. If he didn't have the strattera in the am, he wouldn't be able to function at school. I see what she is going through to afford his medication, I feel sorry for the elderly who are on multiple medications and on a fixed income. She is supposed to... (11 replies)

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