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... and found that taking it in the morning as he suggested made me so sleepy all day that I had to switch to pm. That worked great with that med. So I thought I'd see what others have to say on dosing for Straterra. ... (10 replies)
... My daughter gets sleepy on it to the point that any benefits are lost. ... (10 replies)
... I had been on Cylert (75mg) for a few years and I loved it. It worked great for me but I had to switch medications since Cylert was pulled off the market. I tried Straterra but had awful side-effects from it. My doctor then prescribed Adderall XR 20mg for me. I'm going on the third week with it and I have just been so tired. I don't know if that means that my dosage is... (2 replies)

... I am a 35 year old male who switched from adderall to strattera, because the stimulant, adderall, made my hands shake (like after drinking strong coffee), and I work a job that requires a steady hand. I have ADD, but not ADHD. Strattera was an awfull experience. It made me dazed, depressed, dizzy and sleepy. When I missed a dosage, the next time I took the med. it would... (10 replies)
... Irritability is probably one of the most common side effects of ADHD meds. Including the stimulants and strattera. Some people become sleepy on stimulants but that is seen more in those who have a problem with hyperactivity. ... (17 replies)
Feb 4, 2003
... I'm going to jump in here since this was the last post on the straterra topic. My son is 14. He started straterra on the 29th of Jan. ... (152 replies)
Feb 18, 2003
... have been sleepy on Straterra. I've been on Wellbutrin for over a year, and have been taking Straterra for about 6 days. I haven't slept more than 3 hours at one time since I started! And oddly enough, I'm wide awake all day. ... (152 replies)
Aug 14, 2003
... My doc put my 14 year old on straterra the day it hit his office...he actually called me and had me come in and get it..Josh is also in clinical trails for it. ... (54 replies)
... Do you believe in Natural Supplement? (78 replies)
... My doctor started me on 200MG of Provigil. I felt absolutely no difference. So my doctor gave me Straterra 40mg in addition to the proivil. The one thing I can tell is that I am really sleepy. I am hoping this will pass. ... (78 replies)
... day is my second day. I was diagnosed with ADD two weeks ago. My doctor started me on 200MG of Provigil. I felt absolutely no difference. So my doctor gave me Straterra 40mg in addition to the proivil. The one thing I can tell is that I am really sleepy. ... (28 replies)
... ld me to experiment with the time of day that I take Straterra. I always took it at night because if it's going to make me tired, I may as well sleep. But I felt sleepy all the next day too. ... (10 replies)
Feb 12, 2003
... I am new to this board but after reading for several days I just had to jump in. I am mom at a 8 year old boy who has been on Straterra since the beginning of Jan. In the past we have tried Ritalin, Adderal, Concerta and Tennex. ... (152 replies)
... I was put on Straterra in January. The first month of taking it I looved it. I stayed focused and was very motivated. ... (2 replies)
Feb 15, 2003
... my daughter just started today. 3 hours into it started to stutter a few times ( no previous speech problems, possibly not related, but noted anyway) says she feels hot, feels funny and a little dizzy........seems a bit confused, out of it.I JUST checked on her, she is asleep. Please let me know how your son is doing. Has this subsided? Anyone with same experience? (152 replies)
Jan 30, 2003
... My son will be starting straterra next Thursday. ... (152 replies)
... and then her script is for 80mg. She has been taking it in the morning with a little breakfast right before she leaves for school. She said it makes her really sleepy about 4 hours later, so I am thinking about having her take it when she comes home from school. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 23 yr old intelligent grad student. However, I am struggling a great deal in school. I have difficulty listening to lectures, retaining information, studying notes, or reading for more than a few minutes without getting up and moving on to a new task or getting sleepy. This is honestly not even a conscious decision. It's almost as if I forget I was trying to... (6 replies)
... Adderall made me spiral into the deepest depression ever, after only five days. I can't remember how much I took. But I think it was twice a day. I've tried Straterra. It was OK. I think I was more focused in my general life, but not with acadmics, which is my main concern right now. I take Provigil right now. While some say it's great for ADHD. It's not for me. I... (12 replies)
... I am taking Straterra. I take it at night because it makes me sleepy. I am also fairly thirsty. I just drink more water. Everyone needs more water! (3 replies)

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