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Nov 18, 2003
... How do I get my 5 yr old son to take his Strattera without opening the capsule? ... (13 replies)
Strattera Concerns
Jun 30, 2004
... I am concerned and curious about Strattera and I have a few questions about it. ... (1 replies)
... a little kid. I grew up watching what the booze, pot, and cocaine was doing to her, and by the time I was a teenager I had made myself a vow that I would never abuse drugs or alcohol. ... (6 replies)

... diagnosis and put me on 100 mg Wellbutrin, and 60 mg Strattera per day. I should mention, that I have the tendency to binge drink, and have taken other illicit drugs including marijuana, cocaine, pain pills and the like. ... (1 replies)
Adderall Abuse
Jul 23, 2007
... Goody, All I can add is that I think you and your husband did a brave and great thing for your daughter. I think Bob's comments about having to go without the drugs, in order to determine if she has ADD, is right on the mark. My daughter admitted to using alcohol and pot but not to a large degree. The psychologist's answer to that was to put her on Strattera, not... (16 replies)
Mar 16, 2011
... approved drugs for ADHD in children include the nonstimulants Strattera ... ... (27 replies)
Nov 12, 2003
... Some children may experience a loss of weight when starting treatment with Strattera. As with all ADHD medications, growth should be monitored during treatment. Strattera has not been tested in children under 6 years of age. ... (13 replies)
... stops it from blocking a key pathway in the brain that relates to sexual dysfunction. It also boosts your norepinephrine levels, in a slightly different way than Strattera does. ... (18 replies)
... found however that information on negative side effects and drug interactions are fairly easy to come by. From what I can see, dizziness can be a side effect of Strattera and may have come into play. As far as the mood changes, I don't think the Strattera has had time to really have an effect. ... (25 replies)
... cation that may bring back my impotence. when I was on prozac for a brief time I experienced sexual difficulties. One of the websites I found yesteday said that Strattera was a cousin of Prozac although it didn't act on the brain quite the same way as Prozac so that scares me too. ... (18 replies)
... cially if it's problematic for you. Talk to the doctor about increasing the Adderall, or perhaps adding something like Wellbutrin or Intuniv. You could look at Strattera too, but the consensus here tends to be that Strattera is of little value. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this board (this is my first post, actually). I was diagnosed 12 years ago as a result of an audiology test, but my doctor at the time was reluctant to prescribe stimulants (which were then the only available pharmaceutical intervention). He was concerned because I had a history of amphetamine abuse in late teens/early 20's. I recently asked my primary care... (11 replies)
... Every time we discuss Adderall, my doctors say, "There's a lot of potential for abuse and addiction with that drug." If my doctor prescribes me Adderall, how can I become addicted? ... (16 replies)
... early 20s. I asked my current doc about Strattera because I'd heard a few moderately good things about it and knew it wasn't a stimulant. ... (20 replies)
... two years sober in AA after hitting my bottom following years of feeling useless and inadequate. I was recently diagnosed with inattentive adhd and began taking strattera because of my history of alcohol abuse instead of trying a stimulant first. ... (0 replies)
... for a while and then was switched to Strattera because "teenage girls tend to abuse stimulants..." At 23 I switched back to stimulants because Strattera did NOTHING. I started on Adderall IR 20 mg 2x day and am now on Vyvanse 50 mg. ... (3 replies)
... for a while and then was switched to Strattera because "teenage girls tend to abuse stimulants..." At 23 I switched back to stimulants because Strattera did NOTHING. I started on Adderall IR 20 mg 2x day and am now on Vyvanse 50 mg. ... (3 replies)
... I agree with all the advice you've already been given. Strattera would be the ADD medication with the lowest potential for abuse. It has - for my son anyway - a nice antidepressant effect. I think that effect is believable since Strattera is similiar to the antidepressant Wellbutrin (which also occasionally prescribed for ADD, by the way). The other stimulants are... (13 replies)
... at least not for ADHD symptoms. Wellbutrin is a stimulating antidepressant in the same class as Strattera but without most of Strattera's nastiness. So it just may do the job. ... (11 replies)
Medicating ADD
May 11, 2007
... more interruptions. I finally asked my current doctor about this again last January after I heard about Strattera. He told me that he'd been disappointed with Strattera when he prescribed it. ... (4 replies)

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