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Aug 11, 2004
... wise. You take both Celexa and Strattera? ... (9 replies)
Aug 10, 2004
... t I was placed on Strattera because of possible borderline personality disorder and previously diagnosed Depression and Anxiety, which are in part related to the Celexa I am on to treat OCD... ... (9 replies)
... Hi, my doctor has me on 100 mg of strattera and 40 mg celexa. Needless to say, i dont mind the combo because i was a sleeper before the combo. However, is this combo safe. ... (0 replies)

... My sons Phsyciatrist has just put him Celexa because of his ocd tendencies ..he is currently on Adderall 20 mgs for adhd...I find that he had become very anti social.. ... (3 replies)
... don't worry about being moody. I've been on strattera for at least a year now and I only get emotional when i'm supposed to. ... (4 replies)
... turn on around 4 am and will not stop. I think that my doc is a complete quack and have an apt with a psycologist soon. One of the things is I feel these dose of Strattera is to low only 40mg and i am 6'5 210lbs. I would give anything to find something that makes me feel normal. ... (2 replies)
... I have been taking Strattera and celexa for a while now. ... (0 replies)
Mar 27, 2011
... I had the same effect with Celexa, so I know where you're coming from. I'm sorry to hear about your reactions, hopefully something will come along that helps. (9 replies)
... and Strattera. Being a women of child bearing age too, I feel like I can relate! I'd talk to the doctor about the strattera, becausewho knows if the Strattera can be taken while preggers and even if it could be I'd probally try to reduce the dosage and try to lower and lower until off of it. ... (5 replies)
... I didn't realize that Strattera was partly an SSRI when my doctor prescribed it to me. I am already taking Celexa without much benefit, so I don't know why she felt the need to give me a drug that has additional SSRI in it. I would have preferred trying Concerta or Adderal. ... (28 replies)
... Hi Lexxy - Why are you trying the Strattera if you were having such success w/Ritalin? Were you having other side effects from Ritalin that were problematic? Rob37 - So far I notice that the Strattera is helping a little bit w/my motivation, but nothing dramatic. Also, I was this same way on my first week of Celexa, but after that the benefit went away (even after a... (28 replies)
Feb 24, 2003
... years never really gained more than 2 pounds. Because of all of the other issues, he has been on Clonidine to sleep. He has also taken Celexa and Zoloft. He takes neither of these any more. ... (152 replies)
... My 6y son just started Strattera 18mg 2 nights ago. How fast would this med give you side effects? ... (2 replies)
... Well...I went through a divorce 4 years ago and thought I was depresed over that. I can not be happy feeling no matter what I do anymore. I am remarried to a wonderful man now but I am just sad and aggitated all the time anymore. I didnt do good in school either. I am 36 now. I thought I have been depressed. I have been put on celexa, Wellbutrin and now Strattera. I couldnt... (13 replies)
Feb 12, 2003
... trattera would take effect right away, no waiting for several weeks, and so we were APPALLED the first week to think that the person our son turned into was what Strattera would do for people. ... (152 replies)
... Strattera and Celexa 'interfere' with each other in terms of metabolism. ... (2 replies)
... Hi guys, I'm a newbie to the board. I am on day 2 of Strattera, and I am hopeful, and relieved by your posts. I was diagnosed 2 years ago which caused my first major depression sparked off by my grief...yay! I had always wanted to be a doctor, and now I am kicked out of school for a year (on my 7th, for my BA in Sociology) for bad grades. I have yet to take advantage of... (78 replies)
My ADHD type
Jul 25, 2009
... Ah, I so hate that response. To anyone who says that now, my standard response has become: "You're right! It IS all in my head! My brain is short on certain neurotransmitters which is the cause of the symptoms of ADHD!" Think of it this way . . . your memory, concentration and impulsiveness issues are caused by a smaller supply of particular neurotransmitters (dopamine,... (11 replies)
My ADHD type
Jun 27, 2009
... methylphenidate. Concerta was worthless for me, Strattera made me extremely nauseous, and greatly intensified my somnolence issues. ... (11 replies)
... I'm wary of Strattera since it is so new, even though it is a approved by the FDA for adult ADD. ... (5 replies)

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