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... I started graduate school a few years ago and moved to a new region of the States. I was very excited and since I had a great college experience I never thought moving to a new place for school would ever be a problem. ... (2 replies)
Nov 18, 2003
... How do I get my 5 yr old son to take his Strattera without opening the capsule? ... (13 replies)
... d that you get a full physical. Get checked from top to bottom, including your thyroid. If you come back with a clean bill of physical health, I would give the depression diagnosis another look, it sounds possible to me. ... (2 replies)

... Take what I say with a grain of salt because I am only 22 and I do not know what it is like to have a child. I do have 4 years worth of experience in being counseled, college, been on every medication know to man including Strattera and Concerta. ... (21 replies)
... given Paxil. It worked great and the depression and anxiety calmed down. ... (5 replies)
... Either way, thought it might be useful to share my experience thus far, and welcome any feedback. ... (128 replies)
Mar 21, 2011
... My husband did some research and found some people had a better experience when they took Strattera at night. So, I will give it another try and start taking Strattera at night... ... (9 replies)
... c I saw my son go through them and it was so heart breaking. I know a couple people on Concerta and they have been okay. Just my experience as a mom. ... (2 replies)
... bits. Our ped prescribed a starter dose of 25 mg for 4 days, moving to 40 mg after that. Before we begin, I'd like to feel comfortable about the combination of Strattera and Zoloft. Does anyone know of adverse effects of these two together? ... (2 replies)
... I am a 33 year old male that has been taking Strattera for around 10 days. ... (128 replies)
... I agree with all the advice you've already been given. Strattera would be the ADD medication with the lowest potential for abuse. It has - for my son anyway - a nice antidepressant effect. I think that effect is believable since Strattera is similiar to the antidepressant Wellbutrin (which also occasionally prescribed for ADD, by the way). The other stimulants are... (13 replies)
... ld do some reading about Bipolar Disorder. It's a common misconception that to be bipolar, you have to have periods of euphoria. The fact is that many with BPD experience mania as "hypomania" which is not pleasant at all. It is often experienced as insomnia, irritability, racing thoughts, pressure of speech, etc. ... (6 replies)
... 15 year old daughter. Diagnosed in 5th grade. First on Adderall. Switched to Concerta so that she could take it only once a day. She is in 9th grade. 1st semester her report card was two As and two Bs. That is a huge accomplishment for her because academics are her LAST concern. Problem, she was not eating enough. Doctor gave her six months to gain weight. She... (21 replies)
... Start with 25MG of Strattera for the first 4 days, then 40MG, then 50MG. ... (2 replies)
Nov 12, 2003
... term clinical trials with children and adolescents, a modest decrease in appetite was the most common side effect. Some children may experience a loss of weight when starting treatment with Strattera. As with all ADHD medications, growth should be monitored during treatment. ... (13 replies)
... found however that information on negative side effects and drug interactions are fairly easy to come by. From what I can see, dizziness can be a side effect of Strattera and may have come into play. As far as the mood changes, I don't think the Strattera has had time to really have an effect. ... (25 replies)
Oct 16, 2003
... Hi, i'm 15 and a junior in high school. My experience with strattera was horrible. Like the last person said, the stimulant medications were making me feel absolutely terrible with strong social anxiety and depression. ... (54 replies)
... only shot at symptom relief. I quit the Effexor because I felt I was not getting sufficient benefit to justify the price in terms of side effects. It seems that Strattera has many of the same side effects as the Effexor, but if it helps me with the "mind problems," I'll tolerate the side effects. ... (10 replies)
Mar 16, 2011
... approved drugs for ADHD in children include the nonstimulants Strattera ... ... (27 replies)
... Stimulants work by directly increasing the amount of certain neurotransmitters available in the brain, while reuptake inhibitors like Strattera increase those levels indirectly by blocking the breakdown of the affected neurotransmitters. ... (1 replies)

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