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Aug 11, 2004
... Oh my, those side effects will get to you over time, especially health-wise. You take both Celexa and Strattera? Your health may be compromised in a few years. I know you said it's all worth it but I've seen the misery that medical problems bring on some people, so at least think about it. Maybe there are other ways to find the source and way to control the OCD without meds... (9 replies)
Aug 10, 2004
... a. I find I am finishing entire tasks with less resistance, and I am far more relaxed and "in the moment". I get pretty bad headaches and muscle tension, and the Strattera seems to be very effective at helping those. ... (9 replies)
... I was prescribed Strattera 40mg x 3 days then 80 mg there after. ... (2 replies)

... Increased heart-size is very very unlikely. Also a good doctor would be monitoring your son and catch this before it became a problem. Good sources for reliable info include the Physician's Desk Reference, the FDA, National Institutes of Health. They will track any serious side-effects like the one you mentioned. Many kids are put on meds without an adequate diagnosis.... (3 replies)
... most people... it's mainly lifestyle. Now you seem to be telling me your mothers' lifestyle has not been a drink, smoking, decent diet and vigorous exercise at least 4 times a week. ... (14 replies)
... Sorry, Jennita, but a couple of your points aren't quite accurate. Lifestyle is definitely a contributor to high cholesterol but genetics is a large factor (and possibly the largest factor). If you parents had it, there is a good chance that you will, too. While exercise and good diet can significantly reduce cholesterol (generally about 10 - 20%), for many individuals with... (14 replies)
... The feel good chemicals exercise induce are stimuating. to the mind and body. If it works for your ADD, great!! ... (5 replies)
ADHD and Strattera
Mar 18, 2013
... Best of luck. You definitely need to get the tics under control before you worry about the ADHD piece. In the short term, do your best to keep him from artificial food additives/preservatives, and watch his simple carbohydrate intake(sugar heavy snacks, white bread, and the like). I don't know if he gets any caffeine, but if so, try to shut that down as well. Make sure... (7 replies)
... Yes, I do understand higher cholesterol means higher risk for heart attacks, storkes, etc. But the fact is "research" can be manipulated to turn the direction of prescribing habits; lowered "normal" numbers can cause more prescriptions to be written. Actually, I wasn't so shocked, given all the ariticles I've read, even now in mainstream media, of drug. co's fudging... (14 replies)
... ADHD is only the most recent name for something that has been described in western medicine for years. The website for Strattera has a brief history section outlining different names used over the past century. ... (5 replies)
... Start with 25MG of Strattera for the first 4 days, then 40MG, then 50MG. ... (2 replies)
... days of Strattera Success... ... (9 replies)
... trattera. The stims hit you hard and sure. The Stratter is not a stim and sometimes causes drowsiness. Some take it before bed. My dco tells me that sometimes Strattera AND stims are indicated. Then once the Strattera starts to do its thing... ... (2 replies)
... Still slapping back the strattera and seeing minimal results...I'm on 10mg twice a day, sounds to me like it's a little too weak to take affect based on what everyone else is taking.. ... (78 replies)
So Frustrated
Dec 27, 2005
... He is now in Adderallxr and Strattera, sometimes the meds have to be adjusted, his Strattera was just raised from 25's to 40's, he says they feel like they help more than the Adderallxr most of the time! ... (6 replies)
... themselves on Strattera , Just monitor your heart rate. ... (20 replies)
... Hi, the med strattera takes about 5 weeks to build up a theraputic dose in the blood stream so right now you may be seeing your sons natural hyperactivity. ... (3 replies)
... eat much more than before, which is good but my body was simultaniously frigid and I was nauseus to the point I had to stop or finish early. I just dont take the strattera until I'm finished working out and this seems help. Ledbyte, can you explain more about the strattera attaching itself to lipids? ... (78 replies)
Jan 30, 2003
... mg twice a day. I believe strattera increases the effects of wellbutrin since they both deal with norepinephrine. Side effects with Strattera I've noticed are a little drowsey but getting better each day and I've started to notice minor sexual side effects. ... (152 replies)
... up appt. I noted my exercise level, overall intake, caffeine, moods, energy level.... ... (7 replies)

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