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... My son is being put on Strattera as well. He is 19. However, I am a little concerned for he is not hyper. He is the opposite. Very laid back with a I don't care attitude. ... (14 replies)
... and said "I love you mom". It feels so good to here him say that. It seems lately he's used the word hate WAY too much. I think this combination might be the boost he needed.... we'll see. ... (14 replies)
... My son has also been on Strattera for just over a year. He has done well with it. For him, it did take a couple of months to see full effect. What it helped most with was his hyperactivity. ... (14 replies)

... Hi, I've been on Strattera for about 7 months. ... (14 replies)
... I was started on Strattera about 2 weeks ago, prescribed for a mild brain injury I sustained 3 years ago. ... (14 replies)
... My nine year old son was put on Strattera over a year ago for adhd. He has done extremely well on it. His grades are improved, he has friends and most importantly he feels better about himself. ... (14 replies)
... My son is so intuitive and curious he too has great things in his future if he can stay on track and feel good about himself. Good luck to you and thanks for your reply! ... (14 replies)
... The last few weeks with my son have been hell. So impulsive, constantly berating his brother and just generally sassy. Has anyone had their dosage bumped up on Strattera? He has now been on it about a year and a half I am wondering if he needs more or if we need to switch drugs. I don't know if I can go through this again. It took so much out of me to finally make the... (14 replies)
... strattera was the last medicine my son was on. After he went thru all the side affects he started throwing it in the garbage and we started fighting about it. I am not so sure if it was the meds or he had just had enough and insisted he not be on meds anymore. We went to the Dr. and discussed going back on, and I saw in his eyes how he really did not want to, so he is not on... (14 replies)
... HELP!!!!! It's been three weeks now and my son is getting more and more moody. This is a kid who used to be happy-go-lucky... he loved life! Now, he never smiles, he hates everyone and today he told me that I don't know anything about his life!!! I've had enough, I can't stand to see such a happy little boy turn into this. I'm going to stop the medicine and take him... (14 replies)
... Well... my 10 yo son has been on Strattera for 2 days now.... ... (14 replies)
... My son went through the exact same thing. It got better after the first week and pretty much subsided after the first couple of weeks. so hang in there... and good luck! ... (14 replies)
... Are there any people out there with some positive stories about Straterra? ... (5 replies)
Oct 1, 2003
... My son just started Strattera last night, and I went online to find out more about it but unfortunately I only found the negative. Does anyone know any good stories about this drug? ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Suzy... :wave: It can get tough when they keep being miserable but then again it's kind of comical, some of the things he says, but if we laugh he gets madder, so we have to keep our chuckles to ourself. Hope this next week flies by... :eek: Mary :) (14 replies)
... I'm so glad I found this thread. My son is being put on Stratera and I've been reading up on it, lots of pros and cons. Thanks for the post :) (14 replies)
... It's funny that you use the egg shell term- That is EXACTLY how I describe being around my 9 year old. He's very sensitive too. And I never know when he will start crying, yelling, or laughing. For example, one day, he was smiling, laughing and talking to me- and out of the blue, he hauled off and socked his brother-then went into a fit of rage. I have no idea what... (14 replies)
... My husband has been taking Strattera for over a year now. I noticed decline more than six months ago. ... (5 replies)
... eks. Now all we are seeing are very positive results both in school and at home. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I too would like to hear any more success stories on Strattera. Good luck to you it seems like the answer for us I hope it is for you as well. ... (33 replies)
... I guess it really all comes down to balancing the good with the bad, and ultimately making a decision. ... (6 replies)

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